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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Joy Mini Cups Review

Joy Mini Cups
Sometimes my wife does come up with good ideas.... :) We went on a hunt to our local WalMart to find Joy Mini Cups. These are REALLY small ice cream cones. They measure 1¾" tall by 1½" across and are literally about 5 calories. [nutrition facts] Use a mini cupcake scoop and you have a double scoop ice cream cone that's about 60 calories.
Mini Ice Cream Cone
These things taste and look like their big brothers. They're just in miniature. Out of the single-serve Edy's, we got six mini-scoops. The whole thing is 160 calories for Vanilla so that's about 160 / 6 or just over 25 calories per scoop. Add in the 5 for the cone and you have a 30 calorie treat. Two scoops is just shy of 60. 

We loved them.


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