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Friday, March 29, 2013

Review of OrigAudio's Epishock Speaker

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Epishock portable speaker from OrigAudio. It is a unique device that you connect to your music player through a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. You then place the speaker on a flat surface, and it turns the WHOLE flat surface into your speaker. Little to no sound comes out of the actual speaker itself. Instead, you have a surface vibration speaker that has some amazing sound quality.

Rock-It Speaker Connected to Red Solo Cup
I first learned of this technology on ABC's Shark Tank a couple years back when founders Jason Lucash and Michael Szymczak pitched the Rocket and Shark Robert Herjavec did a $150,000 deal for 15% of the company. That device, since renamed the Rock-It, turns anything into a speaker thanks to vibration technology.

On the other hand, the next generation Epishock is ten times more powerful than the Rock-it and is strictly for dense flat surfaces. It is small so travels well and is powered by a rechargeable (USB) lithium-ion battery. It actually plays pretty loud with little to no distortion. It does take some getting used to though. I had the speaker and my phone setup to the left of me, while sitting at my computer. It then sounded like the sound was coming from behind my monitor, and almost all the way to the other side of my desk. And, that was with the volume fairly low.

I'd love to show you me using the speaker, but I don't want to deal with the RIAA and getting rights to play the music, so here's a video from OrigAudio demonstrating the device. It really is that simple to use.

Sadly, the device does require the 3.5 mm headphone jack connection. I'd love to see the device working with Bluetooth. At only $49.99, I'm not sure how much more expensive that would make the speaker. Apart from that, I've actually found myself listening to music more often because I like the whole experience of using the Epishock. 

Supposedly, you can chain two of the speakers together. With that said, I'm not quite sure what that buys you, unless you setup each speaker on a different flat surface. Otherwise, they'll both just be making the same flat surface vibrate, perhaps a little louder.

Consider getting this as a gift for dad for Father's Day. If Sharper Images were still around, you would probably find this sold there. With that said, don't be surprised if you find this offered on QVC for less than its $49.99 price point.

Until the novelty wears off, I'm definitely enjoying this. 

DisclosureI received the product to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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