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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

James and Syvok Adventure Pack Giveaway / Helga Returns Book Blast

Here's a chance to win some books for the young readers out there, along with a $25 Amazon GC. Good luck and enter before 4/3/13. Also, don't miss the twitter party with the author at 6:30 pm EST on 3/13.

James’ second adventure begins with a footprint. He once again calls out to his Icelandic magical friends, Syvok and Matthias, to discover what it means. He will find Helga, the troll who left the footprint. James follows Helga to Yamas, the troll village. Separated from Matthias and Syvok, James and Helga are to be left on a glacier. The earth tremors as Syvok and Matthias enter the village to save James. James saves the Guardian Troll from danger. Matthias and his dragonets save James from being squashed from a boulder dislodged by the earth tremors. All become friends and fly home on dragons back.

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(Signed James Save the Moon, Signed Helga Returns, 3 bookmarks, 4 silicone bracelets, 1 troll, $25 Amazon Gift Card)

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A GWR Publicity promotional event paid for my Anchor Group Publishing. Giveaway is sponsored by Wendy Nystrom.