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Monday, March 18, 2013

Current Giveaways 3/18/13

Gee, if I thought the prior week was a big week for new giveaways, this week was a tad worse in the sense that lots more started. Good in the sense that you can win more. Several of the ones I'm hosting directly are what I would call low entry (< 200 entries), and I'm not sure if that is because the prize is less desirable or I just have too many for folks to find. Or I'm just not promoting them as much as I should. Perhaps it is a bit of each. We actually broke through 30 active giveaways at one time during the week. 

I started a couple of DVD giveaways this week. Please let me know if you like these. With the two that started this past week, the same DVD prize is offered across multiple blog sites, but each is running their own giveaway. (Return to Nim's Island and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey).

Also, please double check the ending dates if anything in particular interests you. I've been caught by some giveaways ending at 12:00 am, thinking they lasted the whole day. Watch the Twitter feed  and Facebook for last minute reminders to enter. Google+, too. I just created an Instagram presence if you want to watch there, though I haven't figured out how best to use that yet.

And now for our current giveaways. We're at 28 active giveaways at the moment.
Brothers All Natural

Freeze-dried fruit is next up for grabs in the Brothers-All-Natural Giveaway, with a 3/18 end date. You'll see this prize again later in the month with the St. Patty's Day After Party.
Logo: Turning Images Into Memories
I still don't get why this giveaway has so few entries but we have a MailPix Photo Brag Book as a prize here. This one runs through 3/20.
Canon A810 Powershot
Register with MyPerfectGift and win a Canon PowerShot A810 digital camera in the Capture Your Easter Memories Giveaway. Giveaway ends on 3/21. I think the plan is to get you the camera by Easter, but I have no control over that personally.
Daddy Scrubs
Comfortable scrubs for the daddy. Enter the Daddy Scrubs giveaway by 3/22 for your choice.
Prize Pack
I think the $540 It Works! Product Giveaway is my first cosmetics giveaway. I signed up for this one due to the high prize value. I have no use for the prize myself. Hoping you/my readers do. Its popularity seems to have waned since the early days. It will probably pick up again before this ends on the 23rd.
Nate Rocks the School Tour
The Nate Rocks the School blog tour is our latest young adult book giveaway. You have until 3/24 to participate in this one.
$100 Bill
Always a favorite with readers is a $100 Cash Giveaway. Enter before 3/24 to win.
A new giveaway for the week, with a quick end date of 3/24, is the Return to Nim's Island DVD.
Our AquaChef unit is up for grabs this week as part of the March Into Spring Giveaway Hop, with an ending date of 3/25. You can see my favorites in the hop here.
Objects With Purpose
The Objects with Purpose Candle Gift Basket giveaway just started and runs until 3/25. $200 RV here.
comfy gc

Our next giveaway is for a nice warm comforter. Enter the Comfy Comforter giveaway by 3/26. $360 value on this prize.
Snow Bound 

The Snow Bound Giveawy Book Blast is offering a More than Magic Swag Pack, including a $25 Amazon gift card. Enter here by 3/27.
Kickin the Winter Blues $1000 Cash Giveaway
Five prizes combine to offer a total of $1,000 cash in the Kickin the Winter Blues Giveaway. Enter by 3/28 to win.
Walgreens Gift Card
Here's a chance to win a $25 Walgreens Gift Card. Enter before 3/28.

Like to go to concerts? The $200.00 Giveaway is a chance to see one really big show as a couple, or a lesser show with even more people. 3/29 end date.
Melissa & Doug $150 Gift Code Giveaway Button

Yet another Melissa & Doug giveaway. This time for a $150 gift code. Enter before 3/29.
Country Outfitter

We have a $150 Country Outfitter Giveaway for some western wear. This one also ends on 3/29.
Cash or Credit Giveaway Button
More cash is available in the $175 Cash or Credit Giveaway. Here you have until 3/30 to enter. Hosted by Simply Southern Couponers and Boys Oh Boys - Reviews, Giveaways and More.
MiPole Pole Dancing Kit 7 LED Light Giveaway button

My wackiest prize offering is a stripper pole dancing kit, for fitness. I'm still not sure why I signed up for this one but it does seem to be popular. Enter the MiPole Pole Dancing Kit and LED Light Giveaway before 3/30.
RoboForm Logo
The last of our in-house giveaways is five licenses for RoboForm Everywhere, ending 3/31. Don't miss out on protecting your system. Open for worldwide entries here.
Kindle Fire Giveaway

In case you haven't won the iPad or Chromebook yet, My Four Littles and Four Littles Media are offering a Kindle Fire to win, with entries being accepted through 3/31.
Shop & Eat Giveaway Button
The next giveaway we're hosting is for $25 Target / $25 Outback and ends 3/31.
Vegan Fusion Cookbook Giveaway

A trio of Vegan cookbooks are up for grabs next in the Vegan Fusion Cookbook Giveaway. This started early and ends 3/31.
The Daddy Diaper Pack Giveaway

We're out of the diaper bag stage but I thought this would be a good giveaway. The Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack. Giveaways goes until 3/31.
Helga Returns Cover

Another book blast related giveaway with the James and Syvok Adventure Pack Giveaway. Ending 4/3. 
Our second DVD giveaway is for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Giveaway ending 4/6.
iPad Mini Giveaway
We have an iPad Mini Giveaway ending on 4/8.
My Perfect Kindle Fire
Our final giveaway is for a second Kindle Fire and is our second partnered up with MyPerfectGift, the My Perfect Kindle Fire Giveaway. Our ending date is 4/15.

To see what else is coming in the future, see the Upcoming Giveaways list. If you like what you see, do please follow. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, GFC, or Email are the best options. Instagram, too.


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