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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Zombie Road Trip Review


I sit on the train to and from work and the WiFi on the train (and mobile coverage) is inconsistent. Because of that, I tend to play games on my Android phone a bit. After finishing off all the free Flow/Flow Bridges boards, I started playing Zombie Road Trip. (The game is also available for iOS and you can fan them on Facebook.)

The basic premise of the game is escape the zombie horde or have your brain eaten. You drive a vehicle around and have to kill or maim all the zombies that are chasing you.
Zombie Road Trip Shooting
As you drive, you shoot, but you also have to jump off mountains. Land wrong too many times and the hoard catches up to you and you die.
Zombie Road Trip Chase
The only controls in the game are rotate left and right while jumping and shooting. Initially, I was surprised there wasn't an accelerate and brake option, but it plays well without that feature.

As you play and perform well in the game, a boost bar keeps increasing. When full, you get a power boost that shoots you much further ahead of the horde of zombies. Crash before it is full and you have to start over.

As you earn more brains in the game from shooting zombies or spinning the bonus wheel, you can upgrade your vehicle and weaponry. You also get bonus brains from completing various tasks like shooting 120 zombies in one game or crashing 40 total times across multiple games. You start off with a Buggy and can go through twelve different vehicles up to the rig for an 18 wheeler. As you drive and shoot zombies, the vehicle gets bloodier and bloodier, which is a nice touch. There are five weapons available: Pistol, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and Railgun. In both cases, there are upgrade options within the same item, like vehicles get spikes in the front, giving you 24 possible vehicle options and 15 weapons. There are also five gadgets to provide help, like laser sight, so you can see where you are shooting.
Zombie Road Trip Shop
If you don't want to spend time earning brains, you can buy them. For $1.98, you can double the zombie brains earned. Or you can buy up to 400,000 brains for $39.71.

Overall, I like the game play. It is repetitive in that after each death you start from the beginning again. At times, I'd like to be able to continue from where I last died. Initially, I found the lack of an accelerator pedal odd, but it would really distract from the shooting and spinning. The game is a little buggy though. I have had times where the game just crashes and leaves me with a score of 'm' and a blank screen. I'll probably keep playing until I finish buying all the vehicles. After that, I'm not sure. If there are no more goals to shoot for, I'll probably move on to something else. For now, I find myself well prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Here's the game's iOS trailer to give you a better idea of the game play.