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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Great Molasses Flood Book Review and Giveaway

I'm sure this will come as a big surprise to many people who never heard of the flood, but back in 1919, a flood of molasses killed twenty-one people in Boston when a tank exploded and caused a forty foot wave of molasses to come rushing down the street.
The Great Molasses Flood Cover

After posting about the anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood last month, I contacted the publisher of the recently published children's book The Great Molasses Flood: Boston 1919. I received a review copy, with a second available as a giveaway. After reading the book, I'm amazed that it was only twenty one that died.

The Great Molasses Flood book takes a compassionate look at the bizarre day and its aftermath where a child reader wouldn't be shocked after reading about death and destruction. The approach of the author is to take a personal look at the disaster, from how it affects individual people like a bar owner or banana salesman, to the claims of terrorism, and the lawsuits that followed.

The book is broken down into six chapters:
  1. Lunchtime Near the Harbor
  2. A Terrible Wave
  3. Hundreds to the Rescue
  4. Who is to Blame?
  5. A Flood of Stories
  6. A Real or Mythical Bomber?

Each chapter explores the happenings of the times on a person-to-person level. The book even starts with a Cast of Characters so you get some background on twenty-five people from the time. They range from firemen, children, laborers, elderly, and the legal team, among others. Throughout the title you get a feel for what each was going through. It isn't a typical history book with just the facts, but one where people live, and you understand their day-to-day dealings as the disaster happens all around them.

The book by Deborah Kops is 112 pages and targets the 9-12 year old range. As far as reading level goes, my six year old can read the book but because it is more a chapter book, cannot sit long enough to read the lengthy pages. Given the target audience level, I believe she hit the mark quite well. It is also full of pictures of the era to help describe the different scenes. These help a great deal, even if they all are in black & white, or sepia as the case may be. Today's kids want the visuals and she does her best here.

Overall, I like the approach of the author. She gets the information across well, without being too scary. I'll definitely save it for my son for when he is older. I highly recommend it for those looking to have their children explore the history around Prohibition times. Next time you're in town, look for the commemorative plaque on Commercial Street. 

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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