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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guardians Inc.: Blog Tour and Giveaway

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Today I'm trying out my first book blog tour for Guardians Inc. Book 1 (The Cypher). You'll find here a guest post from a character from the book, my review of the book, and an Amazon gift card giveaway. Check out the other stops of the tour for additional highlights of the book and information about the author.

Character Guest Post

Hello Borrowed Readers! 

My name is M and I work in the Guardians Control Room in Pervagus Mansion.

Thank you, John, for allowing me to rant in your beautiful space little bit about who we are and what we do.

And who we are is: Guardians Inc. the oldest, most secret society and organization that is currently de-secretizing itself in order to create a better world.

A world were Non-Magical (Us) and Magical (Everything else!) creatures can live in harmony and peace and… other wonderful things that come in the brochure my boss gave me to place in this blog but that I now am deciding to skip completely.

Because it is going to get…Iffy… We exist to keep the balance of Magic and technology tilted in technology’s favor and Magic on check. Every 500 years or so there is a flux in the balance, and a Book of Concord is written. Whoever gets this book gains the upper hand, and there is a real chance that Magical critters can get it and send us back to the Dark ages.

Don’t believe me? It’s happened already…twice! We created Rome and everything was on track, until we lost the book in the 400’s and then bam! Collapse, invasion and one thousand years of the Middle ages because we lost it again in the 900s!

Then, in 1414 Niccolo de Conti, Found the Book and brought it to Florence and we began the Renaissance and Magic waned again. That particular Book brought us all the way to 1907… A hundred years without it and you can see what’s going on… We still have the upper hand and that’s why you can read this little blog and enjoy the simple things, like T.V. and internet… and even electricity.

But if the Magical critter get it, well, we are going to start seeing some chances around here. We actually have an on-the-side campaign with Hollywood so when you see Zombies, Vampires, Orcs and Dragons you know what they are and how to kill them. BTW… Vampires Don’t Glow…

The good news is that the new book is being written right now, leaving clues around the world on where to find it. Clues that only a Cypher can, well….decipher.

The better news is that Guardians Inc already has a Cypher looking for it! Granted, he’s a just a kid, but he has us behind him. With the most advanced technology, the greatest Magic users and the Prettiest Elven Princesses to help him in his quest!

Let’s hope that’s enough.

And with that I will release this loaned blog back to its rightful owner.

Thank you again and be careful out there!

M, on this side wishing you a safe life and sending you hugs!


Teenage Thomas and grandpa Morgan end up together after Thomas' parents disappear on a cruise gift from Morgan. Thomas gets in trouble for fighting with the popular kids at his new school before the two end up getting jobs in a unique library where life gets interesting, to put it mildly. 

At the library, they deal with good and evil and the troubles between magic and technology. With their secret talent as Cyphers, they understand all written languages, which causes grandpa to get kidnapped. Thomas then has to hunt for a book to save humanity from the dark ages. A little over-simplified, but that's the general gist of the book with many twists and turns along the way.

Overall, a well written book with a world of its own that can only be enriched by the next book in the series (Thundersword), and beyond. The author does a decent job creating such interesting character relationships, with a good mix of fantasy and science fiction throughout.

I enjoyed how Author Rosado-Machai was able to intermix mythology with the more mundane world Thomas and Morgan live in. At times not quite described as well as it could, you definitely can picture in your mind the mythical environment in the book. You won't be disappointed here, unless you're looking for chick lit.

Don't miss the book's very own web site. There, you'll find character bios, wallpapers, and a trailer. Yes, a trailer for the book. Even more visualizations for you to understand their world. A nice addition for the reader.


Author, Julian Rosado-Machain will give one lucky reader a $75 Amazon Gift Card. Enter below. Worldwide entries accepted.
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Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book to facilitate my review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Java John Z's is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.


  1. Thank you JohnZ for hosting Guardians Inc. Book Tour and for your review of The Cypher!

    As you point out Thundersword and the upcoming The Four Legged Prophet dig in and enrich the Guardians Inc. World.

    They are double the size of Cypher.

    Thank you again, reviews are the best way for us to know if we are going in the right direction with our stories!

    Julian Rosado-Machain

  2. Thank you JavaJohnz for your amazing review of the Cypher, it portrays it as a great book to read.

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    1. is rivie.bleu. You can't fan them. You must friend them.