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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pagination with Blogger

Here is a quick tip for the Blogger community...
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Have you ever noticed how some blogs show full posts on the main entry page to the blog and others, like mine now, show partial posts with a Read more >> link to take you on to the rest? I don't just do it for the extra click. Without it, the front page loads slowly and shows all posts as full, which could lead to a rather lengthy page, even with just five posts. The performance bit can be very noticeable if you happen to have several Rafflecopter forms on it. 
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The same holds true for newsletters. Without this pagination option, subscribers never have to visit your site and can read all your content via email, though not enter your giveaways.

To enable this feature is really simple. To introduce pagination into an article, find a natural breaking point in the article, and add <!--more--> to the HTML content of the post. That's it. When the page is generated next as part of a group of postings, not the specific link, you'll see Read more.

The same tag works in WordPress, too.

As far as the newsletter goes, you'll need to go to the Other option under Settings. There should be a Site feed section. Change the Allow Blog Feed option from most likely Full, to the friendlier Until Jump Break.

That's really it. Just don't forget to add <!--more--> to your posts moving forward. Or just fix the posts after publishing once you see them.


  1. I wish more blogs would take advantage of the "more" tag. As you said, it helps to keep the homepage from getting overly lengthy. When there are a lot of giveaway forms to load, it can also add considerably to load time.

    The exact same tag works in Wordpress in the same way. You can also find a large number of themes for Wordpress (and I believe Blogger, too) that will automatically break the home page posts at a set number of words creating a uniform, pleasant look that's much easier to navigate.

    Thanks for the great article.

    1. Thanks for info on Wordpress. Good to hear it is the same tag. I should have mentioned the performance improvement. That's another reason why I do it.

    2. Decided to add performance bit to article...

  2. I use the more tag on my giveaway posts. I try to keep the home page less cluttered.

  3. I use this on my blog also and absolutely love it. There are some posts that readiers just won't be interested in and don't have to worry about scrolling down through several posts to get to one that they ARE interested in. I never knew the name for it. You are a BLOG whiz John! I'm becoming addicted to your page!