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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

iPad Apps For Kids For Dummies Book Review & Giveaway

Book Cover
If you have an iPad and kids, how long is it before they totally take over the machine from you? The iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies book is an attempt to locate the best apps out there for the device, so they're at least constructive when using the device, and not just playing Angry Birds (even if that does teach Physics). The book is written by the Kid-Tech columnist for USA Today, Jinny Gudmundsen, who also happens to work for Common Sense Media, a leading non-profit source of children's media reviews. A nice pedigree for the author to show why she should be a trusted source for the book.

I like the book and the fact that it is printed in color. The smaller form factor of 6" x 9" makes it easier to thumb through than your typical larger style Dummies book. With over a half-million apps in the app store, the author does a great job of highlighting appropriate apps in many different subject areas. My only problem with any of these directory-type books is they get outdated quickly. As soon as it goes to print, the next killer app is left out. Even the Angry Birds description is dated since there is no mention of the Star Wars version (though Bad Piggies did make the book separately). It would have been great if the directory was maintained online.

With all that said, the book provides 27 chapters offering the best of the paid AND free apps you can find for your iPad (and iPhone), or at least those available in the Fall of 2012. Topics are presented in alphabetical order after the intro chapter (offered online for free), where each chapter provides you with a series of applications that your kids can play on your iPad.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Using an iPad with Kids (PDF)
Chapter 2: Age Collection: Toddlers
Chapter 3: Age Collection: Preschool
Chapter 4: Age Collection: Kindergarten
Chapter 5: Art
Chapter 6: Book Apps: For Younger Kids
Chapter 7: Book Apps: For Older Kids
Chapter 8: Cars, Trucks, and Things That Go Vroom
Chapter 9: Co-Op and Multiplayer
Chapter 10: Creativity, Storytelling, and Journaling
Chapter 11: Dinosaurs
Chapter 12: Games: Angry Birds & Other Popular Games
Chapter 13: Games: Great for Kids
Chapter 14: Girl Power: Heroines, Fashion, and Princesses
Chapter 15: Learning Apps: Language Arts
Chapter 16: Learning Apps: Math
Chapter 17: Learning Apps: Reference
Chapter 18: Learning Apps: Science
Chapter 19: Learning Apps: Social Studies
Chapter 20: Monsters & Aliens
Chapter 21: Music
Chapter 22: Puzzles
Chapter 23: Road Trip Apps
Chapter 24: Special Needs
Chapter 25: Toy Add-Ons
Chapter 26: Ten Favorite Free Apps for Kids
Chapter 27: Ten Favorite Kid Apps
Appendix: Apps by Age Group

If you're familiar with Dummies books, they're big on lists of ten. Here, there are lists of tens, they just happen to fit into their own chapters near the end. What you will find throughout though are small tips to help you protect your child's privacy and money, and yours, too.

Overall, a great resource for you to find new quality apps for your iPad. You'll go broke if you have to buy them all. Thankfully, with some apps there are free versions, but that isn't the focus of the book, so you'll have to find out about those typically on your own. If you're constantly looking for new apps for your kids to play with on your iPad, you'll be happy with this book as your source for them. They may even pickup the book and identify them for you, even if it is via just the picture of the app in the book.

Win It!

1 lucky winner will receive their own copy of the
iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies book
This giveaway ends on March 6, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.
Open to the US only, ages 18+.

Winner has 48 hours to respond to winning notification email
before another winner will be selected.
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DisclosureI received a free copy of the book to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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