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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blendtec Blender Giveaways

I'm part of a group giveaway put together by Colleen of My Vegan Gluten-Free Life for a Blendtec Blender. It seems Colleen isn't the only one offered that as a giveaway prize.

If you are truly interested in winning one of these $500 units, be sure to enter at these other blogs, too. These places are not just other places hosting Colleen's giveaway, like myself. They have their own reviews with their own prizes, and sometimes a slightly different model.

Nearly all of these seem to include a case of yogurt in the giveaway, too. Colleen was either short-changed or ate the yogurt herself.... :)
Most require/request you subscribe to Blendtec's weekly recipe email. The nice thing is if you do it once, it counts for all. And you only have to pick a favorite flavor once.

If you're interested in entering, do double check the ending dates. Not all explicitly posted and I had to extrapolate based upon the hours/days left in each Rafflecopter. Ran across several more giveaways that had already ended.

Know of any more Blendtec giveaways? Please leave a comment if you do.

If you were watching my tweets last night, you might have thought I kept retweeting about the same giveaway. Each was a different one. Same prizes, different giveaways.

Good luck.


  1. DearCrissy's blog is doing a giveaway as well. I was actually getting confused as to why so many different people were giving away Blendtec's, but it makes sense now that I see it's a group giveaway.

    For any of your readers that may not be too familiar with the Blendtec and all it's features, I found a pretty detailed review of it at this site here: and they also review other blenders/juicers so it may be worth checking out.