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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amara Does YouTube Subtitles

Living in a global society, one can't assume that just producing a video in one's native language is sufficient for the world to view (and understand). While many Americans might assume that everything will just be translated into English for them, that isn't the case. Even if it were, you still need translators. For YouTube it is even more of an issue. Who is going to translate your personal video? Even if you are multilingual, there are numerous languages in the world you don't speak.

Recently, announced the general availability of their crowd-subtitling platform for every personal YouTube channel, inviting viewers to subtitle videos for them. No longer must video blogs be limited to one language, if you have a loyal following who would be willing to translate. You'll truly get a global audience. Last month, Twitter’s community translated an announcement video into 20 languages in just two days with Amara. Now every YouTube creator has the power to do the same.
Here are two samples of Amara in action:

Try the same technology used by Netflix and follow @AmaraSubs on Twitter. They seem to be Massachusetts based, but I can't say where. Their PO Box is in Boston, but their web site shows Worcester's city emblem.


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