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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Heinz Ketchup with Jalapeno Review

A little while back, I got an offer from Heinz to buy a special variety of ketchup they were selling, where the ketchup was blended with real jalapeno. This was a special Facebook-only offer, and not sold in stores. I like spice, and used to just love their blend with garlic, so I decided to order.

I had some McDonald's fries the other day with my McRib (they're back) and thought I'd give the jalapeno ketchup a try. The results... The ketchup tasted really good and had a decent amount of heat. I wouldn't mind a bit more heat, but it spiced things up enough so your mouth wasn't on fire, while still being able to enjoy. The ketchup didn't have a strong jalapeno taste, or aroma though. So, I'm not sure about the real jalapeno blending, but the ketchup was good. I prefer more spice, but for a jalapeno-level item, I'd rate it a good 7 or 8 out of 10. Another thing the ketchup is good on is cheeseburgers. I use a pepper-jack cheese on my burgers and the combination of the two really ups the heat versus just one of the items alone.

Given how much ketchup you put on your food, you really don't want a condiment that much spicier. When I'm looking for more heat, I go for Chelsea Wicked Hot Sauce. They're based right out of Chelsea,  Mass. I keep running across them at local craft fairs and always pickup a bottle when I run out. Now, there is something that you really don't need more then a teaspoon of. It just wouldn't work out with something like french fries, at least not as a replacement for the typical amount of ketchup one would use.

If this were available in stores, I would get again. I definitely preferred their older, no longer available garlic variety ketchup, but since that isn't available, jalapenos it is.

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  1. I would imagine that this ketchup with jalapeno would have lots of uses as a seasoning or sauce. Thank you. Jerri Davis