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Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Impressions: Crowdtap

I signed up for crowdtap today. If you're not familiar with them, their manta is "Give Insight. Be Influential. Get Rewarded". It is kind of like a cross between a survey site and BzzAgent, or maybe just another attempt at being like BzzAgent. I'm still trying to figure the place out a little...

After setting up your account, you basically answer single question surveys they call Quick Hits. Based upon your answers they determine future questions and possible opportunities for you in the form of Missions and Actions. For everything you do, you get points and these points can be turned into Rewards you can redeem in the form of gift cards or t-shirts or what not...

Apparently, their servers are over capacity as I kept getting a Tapped Out message when trying to do things. But if the redeem store were working, you'd see you can turn those reward points into Amazon gift cards, a crowdtap t-shirt, and other items.

With regards to the Quick Hits, some questions ask about your knowledge of specific products while others deal more with better targeting you demographically. Point values vary based upon how narrow an audience the question is for. You may be asked to watch a video based upon your answers to earn additional reward points. Other questions ask you to share an advertisement, like this video to discourage texting and driving. Get five folks to watch and you've completed your challenge.

The first action I completed had to do with answering a question about a recent episode of Top Chef. You had to write down something that was said during the show, take a picture of what you wrote, and upload the picture. Simple enough. I just had to rewatch parts of the show since I had just watched it via my Tivo and it was still around. Otherwise, it would have been on-demand from the cable company.

One of the actions I qualified for is a Microsoft Windows8 Party from Verizon. If selected, I'll get a Party Handbook, an Active Windows Phone 8X by HTC, an AmEx Gift Card, and three Verizon Swagbags with prizes for the winners of a Pinterest Challenge. I'm really curious if the phone must be returned. I'm going to try to figure out how to do the party virtually, perhaps with the help of some YouTube videos showing off the features. Then, give you the Pinterest Challenge to try to win the swag. Wish me luck.
Verizon Insider Backpack
With everything I did on the first day, answering all the Quick Hit questions, and a few missions/actions, I have 6,250 points. To get a gauge of how I'm doing compared to others, they show a leader board with the top point holders.The leader has 2,710,980. I guess I have a little way to go to catch up. Supposedly, I can get points for sampling products and participating in discussions. No samples were available nor could I find any discussions to comment on. So, no points there for now.

There is also some kind of charity connection. You pick your favorite charity from their preselected list of twelve. There is a thirteenth available, too,  if you don't select any, which is basically to share evenly across the twelve. Some of the twelve are Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (my selection), the American Red Cross, and the ASPCA, among several others. I'm still trying to understand the charity connection but it looks like there is a monthly charity auction and you can donate your points to the charity as one of the rewards, too.

To help you encourage your friends to join, they also offer buttons to add to your blog. Get three to try them out and you have completed the Promoter mission and get 1,000 points.
Girls125x125 Generic125x125 Guys125x125
Overall, not a bad first impression. I'll have to see how frequently they ask new Quick Hit questions and offer additional opportunities. I've been with BzzAgent since the beginning and the campaigns offered there seem to be happening less often lately. Don't know if that will happen here, too, or what. Still to see.

To join:

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  1. This sounds like a pretty neat site. I have never heard of this before reading your review. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you have a wonderful day!!