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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 App on Android Gives Rewards

The newest version of the app for Android adds a rewards program. While they do have an ad-free premium version, this feature is in the free version. (It is probably in the ad-free version, too, but I'm not paying to find out... :)

You can earn 5 points for a daily tap in, along with 25 points for a welcome. Add to that 20 points for 5 dictionary searches / day, 20 points for 5 thesaurus searches, 25 points for adding as a homescreen widget, 15 points for adding a word to your favorites list, and more, you can see how points will add up. There is also a leveling mechanism where if you do enough achievements you advance in levels and get bonuses. Each bonus will open up a new letter of the alphabet in the dictionary. (just kidding there)

Lastly, you can then turn these into gift cards, enter to win BIG prizes, or donate them to charity. Typically, the conversion rate is 1,000 points for $1 of gift card, like Amazon, McDonald's,  ProFlowers, Fandango, and several others.

I like the voice recognition in the app. Should be great for people who can't spell.


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