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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amazon AutoRip Goes Live

Amazon launched their AutoRip service today. Basically when you purchase an AutoRip CD, you'll also get the MP3 versions of the songs free, too. You'll find the MP3 versions in the Amazon Cloud Player.

Not only will this work for any newly purchased albums from them, but they'll go back through your purchase history and provide MP3s for ANY album you've purchased from them, back until 1998, that is available as an AutoRip CD. Basically, Amazon has licenses in place with some of the major record labels, but not all. If the album happens to be from one of them, you at least have a chance its available. It covers about 50,000 CDs, not their entire catalog. so, don't be surprised if you don't see a CD available. Do be surprised if you bought something 15 years ago and forgot all about it.

After books, CDs were the first other item they sold way back when.

Initial opinions are positive here. While I didn't buy any new music to try out, having easy access to the old music was great, even if I already converted the music to MP3 files. I did discover I hadn't really bought many physical music CDs on Amazon. Much more in the only digital formats, already available in the cloud player.


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