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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sizzling Superbowl Tailgating Blogger Opp

Sign up now for another wonderful event. It’s free to sign up with post announcement. Please tell them Java John Z's sent you.



ARV $250

This Blogger Giveaway Event is FREE for the first link with announcement post. 
 Additional links are $2
Link Options:
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
Daily Picket Fence Votes or Daily Klout are $3
If you choose to not post the announcement the cost is $5 
HOST Pages are available for $10

When: 1/3-1/17

Who: Open to US residents in the continental 48 states
**Bloggers worldwide can join in the participation as long as you have at least 50% US readership
Sign-ups close 1/1
**The blogger with the most referrals will receive the additional links at no cost
Click HERE to sign up and for more html info.

M.O.O.N. has now added several perks/discounts for frequent participation in our events but you must be a member of our Facebook group to be eligible.  Please visit the M.O.O.N. group if you are a blogger and would like more information regarding these perks and other group events.

$150 Target Gift Card Follow Page #2

Enter to win a $150 Target Gift Card. Ends 10/4/13.

Keurig Vue V700 Giveaway Blogger Opp!

Sign up now for another wonderful event. It’s free to sign up with post announcement.  Please tell them Java John Z's sent you.


Seeing Double! Keurig Vue 700 Event

Prizes: Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System + K-Cups
Event dates: 1/7 - 1/20 and 1/21 - 2/3

Free Blog Event! Sign-up here, BLOGGERS WANTED

Twirling Tales: Word of the Day

The word of the day for the Angelina Ballerina: Twirling Tales giveaway is:

Monday: Angelina
Tuesday: Ballerina
Wednesday: Twirling
Thursday: Tales
Friday: Dance
Saturday: Friendship
Sunday: Loyalty

Father's Day Giveaway with Yumms! ~ Facebook Visits #4

Thursday, December 13, 2012

AquaChef Secret Word

Secret Word


Rollors Backyard Game Word of the Day

Gold Toe Sock Bzzz and Boxer Giveaway (exp 12/20)

I've been wearing Gold Toe socks for what seems like forever. I think just about all of my dress socks are from them. Since I just started having to wear a suit again daily, its back to wearing dress socks, too, and out came the Gold Toe.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect for a recent BzzAgent campaign. For Gold Toe socks... They do word of mouth (WOM) marketing where they give you the product to try and you tell your friends about it, honestly. Saved me from buying more socks as they provided six pairs to try out, and they're all getting used.

While I got to try these for free, I wouldn't have complained had I bought these on my own outside the promotional campaign. They're that good. They're comfortable, stylish, and wearable. I've found these newer socks to be much more comfortable than the older ones I had, and not just because they are newer. Their material is just softer. While most of my older socks are solids, I really liked the design patterns on these newer ones. Nothing too out there but enough to give yourself a little style under the suit. If you do want louder designs, they are certainly available. Not many people may notice them when you are wearing them, but if they were too flashy, that just wouldn't be a good thing. They offer reinforced toes with comfort seams, keeping them extremely comfortable, and they stayed up on the calf quite well.

They've been worn through a few washes now and are no worse for the wear. Still as comfortable as ever. The one negative thing I found was in the sizing. They ran a little large for my tastes, affecting how they fit in the heal. While I have wide size 10 1/2 (6E) feet, they were actually a little big on them. Not much to complain about but they could have been a little shorter for my tastes. Not much shorter, just a little.

Hopefully, these will last as long as all my other Gold Toes. Perhaps its time to replace some of the older ones with this newer model.


Which brings us to my first giveaway. Along with the socks came a three pack of men's boxer shorts. Size L (36-38). Since I'm not going to use them, I figured they'd make the perfect giveaway. Enter below for your chance to win. I'm ending it on the 20th so there is a slight chance you could get them by Christmas. It would require a quick confirmation of the win and me getting it out the next day for there to be any chance. No promises though as mail isn't the quickest this time of year, but it would be sent from the big regional post office in Boston where all the area's mail goes through. So from my side at least it would get out quickly. A slow confirmation would ruin any chance of Christmas delivery if that was a concern.

By the way, since you've read this far.. along with the socks and boxer, BzzAgent provided a ton of $5 off $25 Gold Toe purchase coupons for Kohl's that expire end of year (12/31/12). If you're interested in one (or more), if you send postage via PayPal, I can send you a coupon. Contact via email/Twitter/Facebook if interested. The coupons will probably be great for after Christmas sales.

Win It!

1 lucky winner will receive a Gold Toe Boxer 3-pack, Large (36-38)
This giveaway ends on December 21, 2012 at 12:00 am EST.
Open to the US only, ages 18+.
For more details read the complete rules and disclosure.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Man Cave F2

Man Cave Giveaway

Swim, Sun, Fun Giveaway Prize Package #2

Signup for the Swim, Sun, and Fun Blogger Opp. Signups close 6/2.
Package #2 - ARV $330
(For more details, Click on each link to read the actual review)
Bear Paw - Bear Claws Meat Handler Forks
Blue Rhino - Mr. Bar-B-Q's Package (5 piece stainless steel tool set with soft case, Non-Stick Fusion Grilling Topper, Onion Seasoning Grill Brush, Barbecue Grilling Claws, Flip & Flavor Marinade Tray, $20 coupon for a free Blue Rhino propane tank)
Frogglez - Swimming Goggles
Country Bob's Sauces - Gift Pack 
The Bottle Keeper - The Double
Chill Puck - Chill Puck Pack
Hello Cheri - Massage Gift Pack
Ola! Granola - Prize Pack

Blast Zone Twitter 1 Follow Page

Blast Zone Air Walker Bounce House
Source: BlastZone.Com

Twitter # 1

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Raining S1 F7

It's Raining Money Button

If you’re a fan of the following pages on Facebook, you are entitled to the 10 free entries in the Raining Money Giveaway. If not, you can become one here.
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Where's the Sun Dude? Twitter 2

Where's the Sun Dude?!

Where's the Sun Dude? Twitter 1

Where's the Sun Dude?!

Ultimate Holiday Giveaway Pk #6

Ultimate Holiday Giveaway Pk #6 Secret Present Page

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SteriShoe Secret Word Page


Really Listen to Your Plants Host Page

Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Giveaway Event
Good luck and let me know how excited you are to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't miss out on all the other giveaways here:

Grab My Button

Self promotion time.... :)

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Feel free to "grab my button"
Java John Z's
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

After Party Blog Hop Facebook Follows #2

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Be sure to check out our other giveaways while visiting.

After Party Blog Hop Facebook Follows #1

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Be sure to check out our other giveaways while visiting.

Holiday of Surprises Week 3 Giveaway Twitter Follows Page 2

Holiday of Surprises Week 3 Giveaway Twitter Follows Page 2

Skil iXO Vivo Giveaways

I usually see new and interesting tools from Black & Decker around Christmas times, but this year, the most interesting one I found was from SKIL. A combo power screwdriver / corkscrew. If you've tried all the different manual options and still have trouble getting the cork out, you might want to give this one a try.

While the list price of this is $88, Amazon carries them for just under $50. Of course, an even better way to get one is free from a contest. There seem to be plenty of them around. If I missed any, please add them to comments. Thanks.
I ran across several which seemed to no longer exist. They didn't end early. It was like the contest was pulled. :(

Mailing List Started

I've just setup the mailing list for this blog. Please subscribe... :) I went with Google Groups for hosting it. If you have any comments or suggestions related to the mailing list, please pass them along. I've changed this over to Feedburner already...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday of Surprises Week 3 Giveaway Co-Host Page

Holiday of Surprises Week # 3 Co-Host Page

Shop & Eat 3

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Backyard Summer Fun Twitter Follow Page

Cooking with Poo/Pooh

Saw news of an interesting book and just had to comment.

Some time ago, I ran across a book I thought I might get for my son:

Cooking with Pooh: Yummy Tummy Cookie Cutter Treats
Cooking with Pooh: Yummy Tummy Cookie Cutter Treats The tongue in cheek title caught my eye, but I ended up not getting it, as he wasn't that familiar with Winnie-the-Pooh just yet, and he just wouldn't get the joke.

Cooking with Poo: Saiyund Diwong
Fast forward about ten years and we have another title about cooking with Poo. No, we're not talking about what happens to food after eating. Poo is the cook's name. Khun Poo to be exact. The story behind the book is actually quite unique. According to the book's web site:
Cooking with Poo is a Helping Hands initiative. Helping Hands supports Klong Toey residents to develop micro-businesses based on their skills and talents by linking them with markets and credit support. Other projects that have been supported by Helping Hands include catering services, , a sushi delivery business, handicraft production , a fresh food delivery service, two Thai dessert business, a coffee stand and a soon to be opened café/restaurant.
The book is even award-winning, albeit for the Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year. The 100 page book has an ISBN of 9780977507078, but appears not to be available from Amazon. You can buy the book from the book's web site, along with an apron that says I Cooked with Poo and I liked it!

You can't make this stuff up.

Ignite Your Senses Blog Hop Host Page

Ignite Your Senses Blog Hop
Hosted by:
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Sponsors Twitter Follows Host Page

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Pottery Barn Giveaway Facebook 3

Good luck.

Hosted and Sponsored by: Everything Mommyhood
Facebook 3 Host Page
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

New England Patriot Giveaways

Football No giveaways of my own yet but one thing I like to do is enter in a bunch of contests for the same or similar prizes. This time the winning topic is the New England Patriots. If you're aware of any more, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.
  • First off is a giveaway for a $300 GC to the New Patriots Pro Shop, expires December 13th, 2012.
  • Next is a daily contest throughout December 2012 for Tedeschi Food Shops. One of the prizes is a 13-inch New England Patriots Ballz. NH/MA only.
  • Third we have a Patriots Facebook contest for a $4,999 46" Bose VideoWave I system. Expires December 14th, 2012.
  • Fourth is a Patriots Pinterest deal for a $250 Pro Shop GC, expiring on the 14th of December, 2012.
  • Fifth is a Fanatics gear giveaway for $50 of Patriots gear, expiring 31th of December, 2012.
  • Sixth is a blog giveaway from Mizz Review Lady. It shows Pittsburgh Steeler Lil' Teammates but you can pick Patriots, ending on 24th December.
  • Last is one ending today, a Verizon one for some game in New Orleans in February... It ends with a ticket sweep, too, so double up here, but be quick... not much time.
Update 12/31/12
If you can, follow me on Twitter. I need more followers so I can follow more folks. Thanks and enjoy.

Mailing list coming soon.

St. Paddy's Day Pinterest 3

St. Paddy's Day Pinterest 3

About Me!


Welcome to my personal blog. What you'll find here is reviews of gadgets, goodies, and books I've found interesting, giveaways (with honest reviews) for products I've been offered for my readers, information about interesting things happening around Boston, answers to reader questions, coupons, and freebie offers, as well as anything else I might find interesting.

As far as who I am... I've been writing about Java technologies since 1995. I've authored ten books and hundreds of mostly online articles. I used to speak at technology conference around the globe, but have mostly stopped that since becoming a dad of a now six-year old boy. I've also ghost written material through various web sites, including basic web content, search friendly material, and articles. I'm an avid couponer who is also fond of the occasional sweepstakes/giveaway, and I've dabbled in genealogy in my spare time.


John Zukowski...