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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Upcoming Giveaways

I've signed up for a bunch of shared blogger giveaways and thought I would summarize all that are coming. It may seem like quite a few, but I actually have passed on some where I didn't think the product was right for the audience I was after. So far, I've only signed up for those with free entries. As a new blog, they seem like the best way to get the word out that I'm here (besides my own giveaways and good content). Over time, I suspect I'll go for some of the pay only entries. I'm already eyeing a couple and may sign up after the new year.

The dates are estimated launch dates, with probable end dates when available. Links are either to my announcement pages or signup pages if no announcement page was required.
Okay, I really have signed up for quite a few. Didn't realize it was that many... :) Yeah, the peanut butter one does kind of stand out a little there... We go through alot in this house. The rest are all money or some kind of piece of equipment (toy, kitchen, grill, hardware).

Look for my own giveaway coming soon for some coupons for Michael Angelo's lasagna as part of their Taste & Tell Family program. No blind taste tests, but I'm working on a product review there.

Know of any other giveaways you think might fit in here? Please let me know.

Update 1/2/13, 1/4/13, 1/5/13, 1/6/13, 1/7/13, 1/8/13
Removed started giveaways, added another


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