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Sunday, December 30, 2012

RoboForm Review

I've been a sweepstaker for years now. I feel like I've almost always done it, entering contests nearly everywhere I see a form to fill out, offline as well as online. In 2006, I starting doing it on a more serious level, or at least started tracking my wins for the first time. I've never won a car nor a trip, nor the HGTV Dream House, maybe 2013 for that last one since it just started again, but I have gotten some decent wins. Value wise, my biggest win was a Bowflex from the NFL Network. Usage wise, I've gotten the most usage from a Sony camera I got back in 2007. Well, technically, I won a PlayStation, but I traded that for the camera. The art of the trade for all those items I really didn't want but won after I entered anyways (or I won lesser prize than desired). Plenty of gifts to go around, too, for birthdays and Christmas. And lots of useless digital wallpaper, too.

The slowest part of entering sweepstakes, apart from finding the right ones (thanks Sweepstakes Advantage), is entering in your contact information. While I'm a very quick typist and the auto fill feature of browsers has gotten better, I've been a user of RoboForm for years to more quickly fill out sweeping forms accurately, and for remembering passwords. Lately, RoboForm has been most often discussed as a secure way to simplify web site logins. You remember the one password for RoboForm, and then RoboForm fills in the site login information when you're on the appropriate site. You don't have to remember your username and password for individual sites and you can use really strong passwords, perhaps randomly generated by RoboForm, without fear of forgetting them. No more using the same password on multiple sites with something like that.

On top of the password login feature, RoboForm is, as its name may imply, an automatic way to fill out forms, and not just login forms. With just a touch of a toolbar button, your name, address, and phone number are all filled out for you, almost always in the right places. And, that is where RoboForm shines better than a browser's auto fill component. It will fill out more forms more accurately in more places than your favorite browser's auto fill feature. And, that allows you to enter in more sweepstakes more quickly, in the hopes of winning more prizes. Which is exactly why I've been using it for so many years.

If you frequently use public computers, there is also RoboForm2Go. This runs RoboForm directly from a USB thumb drive. Meaning all your contacts, passwords, and bookmarks travel with you on the USB drive, and there is nothing to install once you get to the public system. If instead you just happen to use multiple computers, all of which are yours and aren't public (laptop/desktop, home/work), RoboForm also has a Automatic Sync feature which keeps the retained passwords in sync across multiple machines. Add a new site on one machine and the next time the other computer syncs up, RoboForm will copy over the new information saved off from the other system. You'll occasionally be asked to deal with sync issues like if you happen to add a new site to both systems, but they're easy to deal with.  It uses AES 256 for military grade encryption of your password data, and keeps a backup of your data online.

RoboForm is free to try for 30 days. Then if you like it, the cost is $19.95 for a one year subscription, with a current special of $9.95. This covers all your systems, not just one. It is dubbed RoboForm Everywhere and runs on Windows, Mac, and mobile (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry). Hmm, perhaps it is time to give the mobile version a try. Never thought about that. Definitely worth a try. Browser-wise, it works with IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. For Linux users, there is a Firefox extension you can use, as there is not a native installer.

Whenever I get a new machine, RoboForm is one of the first things I install on it. If you've never tried it, give it a go, especially with the 30-day trial available. You won't be disappointed and may have a new best friend.

Here's a demo that shows how this award-winning tool works:

Disclaimer: The RoboForm link is an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase the product after your trial period, you'll help support this blog.


  1. I've been using RoboForm for over 10 years. It's the absolute best there it. I now use Everywhere and have RoboFormToGo on all my USB sticks for when I'm at the library. I highly recommend it and it's well worth the $$ for the upgrade.

  2. Huh, I've always wondered how serious sweepers kept up with it all!

  3. I have also been using RoboForm for years and could not live without it, now with the addition of RoboForm Everywhere I can access my saved data from any computer, tablet or smart phone. I highly recommend RoboForm to anyone looking to save time with online shopping and surveys or just wanting to browse the web more securely.