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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mighty Mug Review

I work at my desk frequently during the day (and night) and almost always have a drink with me, typically water. Let's just say I've gone through a few keyboards in my days, and I always keep a towel nearby for those innocent spills. I'm at the point now where I only drink from a container with a locking/closed top to prevent the spills as I can be a little klutzy. Takes a little more effort to drink but better than killing another keyboard or whatever else is on the computer desk at the time. An adult sippy cup, sorta.

I recently had the chance to try out the Mighty Mug, which offers an alternative to help prevent desk-side spills. A glorified coffee cup. Basically, the base of the mug offers a vacuum seal that latches on to flat surfaces such that hitting it from the side does not knock over the mug, spilling what's inside. This is best demonstrated with a video from the vendor's site:

Does it actually work that well? Essentially, yes. Placing the mug on a desk will cause the mug's base to lock down. Unless you lift the mug by the handle, it will stay there vacuum sealed without being knocked over. Sometimes I was too gentle placing the mug on the desk, though, so the mug didn't always latch on. And, if you hit the mug hard enough, while it won't unlatch, the liquid will get jostled inside, and more than likely pop out of the locking lid with an open spout.

But apart from that, the 16 ounce mug is a great alternative for those late night writing/programming/surfing sessions. In addition, it is both microwave and dishwasher safe. BPA free, too. Supposedly, it takes only five years to biodegrade, but I'm not going to wait to see if that one is true.

Besides the company's home page, you can find additional informational on their Facebook page. Be sure to check out all the colors available for the mug.

Disclosure: I was sent this product in the hopes of a review. I received no compensation for this post.