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Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Invisible Heiress Book Blast and Giveaway

$25 Amazon gift card giveaway to go along with this psychological thriller. The author's last book was The Last Day for Rob Rhino which you might have heard of. Enter through 3/15. Good luck.

The Invisible Heiress
by Kathleen O'Donnell
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Dark, disturbing, deliciously inappropriate.” – Leslie Wolfe, best-selling author of The Watson Girl.

From two-time Book of the Year finalist Kathleen O’Donnell comes a gripping psychological thriller filled with unexpected twists.

A psychiatric patient with a dark secret

Preston Blair, a blogger with a dark sense of humor, is committed to a private psychiatric hospital, accused of a shocking crime. Her father Todd’s influence as a D.A. has kept her from prison, but her sanity remains on a knife-edge.

A therapist with an agenda

Preston’s therapist, Isabel, is too preoccupied working her latest con on a rich, married, sadomasochistic secret lover, to care about Preston’s problems, even when Preston tells her that her socialite mother, Harrison Blair, had committed an unthinkable crime herself years before—one that might help explain Preston’s own misdeeds.

A shocking secret that begs to be told

When Preston’s absent husband, Brendan, suddenly turns up and tries to prove her innocence, tragedy strikes. Preston’s convinced her parents were involved, but it turns out to be much more complicated. As Preston delves deeper into the mystery, her head clears and a devastating event that she had long erased from her muddled mind comes rushing back.

A killer that cannot be stopped

Stumbling onto video evidence, which exposes a killer’s greed and lust for power, Preston finds her own life is in danger from a surprising and once trusted source. She discovers that the truth hurts. It just might be the death of her.

Fans of Gillian Flynn and Jessica Knoll will love Kathleen O’Donnell.

Little Northern Bakehouse $1,000 Giveaway

In celebration of National Toast Day (February 23), Little Northern Bakehouse invites you to enter for a chance to win free brunch of a year (valued at $1,000). You can have up to 30 chances to enter to win, and be sure to share. Be sure to check back each day as they post more yummy toast recipes with additional chances to enter to win. Ends 2/22. US only. Good luck.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Unfading Lands Book Blast and Giveaway

Time to check out an epic fantasy book from author Katharine E. Hamilton. The giveaway is for an Amazon gift card. Enter through 3/15, open worldwide. Good luck.

The Unfading Lands Series
by Katharine E. Hamilton
Genre: Epic Fantasy 

Betrayal. Power. Love. Loyalty.

The sinister Land of Unfading Beauty has breached the Realm and chaos has ensued. The four kingdoms must unite to overcome the mysterious darkness that threatens the safety of them all, but treacherous secrets frustrate strategies, and trust is hard to find.
The search for truth leads to betrayal. Friendships are tested. And the mysterious darkness tempts even the purest of hearts.

Will the Land of Unfading Beauty fall?
Can the Realm of Kind Granton overcome this insurmountable enemy?

As the Realm faces their biggest battle of all, one questions remains:

Pereg Panko Breadcrumbs Giveaway

A pair of winners in this next giveaway for some breadcrumbs from Pereg. Open to US residents only, you have through 3/6 to enter. Good luck.
Pereg Panko Breadcrumbs Giveaway

Welcome to the Pereg Panko Breadcrumbs Giveaway!

2 winners

Host that put together this giveaway is SaraLee’s Deals Steals and Giveaways & Michigan Saving and More

This giveaway’s Sponsor is:

Friday, February 15, 2019

Donut Sticks at McDonalds Gift Card Giveaway

Do you still eat at McDonalds? Would some donut sticks in the morning help bring you back? Here's a giveaway with three winners of McDonalds gift cards.

Yes, you read that title correctly! McDonald's is serving in-house made Donut Sticks!

For a limited time, starting February 20th, customers can enjoy the delicious combo of Donut Sticks and McCafé coffee during breakfast hours at participating McDonald's restaurants nationwide.
This combination of Donut Sticks and McCafé coffee will be here well after the holiday to sweeten their mornings. Some sweet details include:
  • McCafé Donut Sticks made in our restaurants until hot, crispy and golden brown for a light and airy texture. They’re sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for a crunchy outside and soft, doughy inside, and served warm to customers.
  • Donut Sticks are made fresh each morning, never microwaved, creating a sweet aroma that gives “the smell of love in the air” a whole new meaning.
Available exclusively during restaurant breakfast hours, Donut Sticks can be purchased by the half-dozen or by the dozen. Since they’re the perfect pairing with our premium roast McCafé coffee, customers can also bundle a half-dozen Donut Sticks and a small McCafé brewed coffee for a special price at participating restaurants. So what are you waiting for? Oh wait, February 20th! That is what you are waiting for! LOL. Anyway. Check out the store locator or call your local McDonald's to see if they are going to offer this delicious combination.