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Upcoming Giveaways

Here is a heads up to some of the upcoming giveaways, both ones that I originate and group blogger opportunities that I am a part of.

The dates are estimated launch dates, with probable end dates when available. Links are either to my announcement pages or signup pages if no announcement page was required. If you sign up for a blogger opportunity discovered here, please mention us (Java John Z's) as the referral where possible. Thanks.

  1. Bedding: 8/4-8/18/17
I tend to like helping out with opportunities where the prizes are money (cash/gift card) or some piece of electronics/gadget. However, you'll also find kitchenalia along with some other odds and ends. You'll occasionally see some of my own giveaways interspersed above. Most that I do have a quick start date, so you just see the giveaway without the announcement/link above.

Know of any other giveaways you think might fit in here? Please let me know.