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Yes, we are a PR Friendly Blog! We love doing reviews and giveaways!

Thank you for considering having Java John Z's Giveaways and Reviews do a review and/or giveaway of your product or service. We love trying new things, but reserve the right to refuse a product/service if we feel it isn't an appropriate fit.

Press Contact: jaz (at)

Location: (MetroWest) Boston, MA

Married father of one son, age 13 (2007), and Corgie

Products open to review:

  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Tools
  • Men's products / guy stuff
  • Boston-area events and services
  • Video games (have Wii/Switch)
  • Mobile apps (Android only)
  • Books (rarely eBooks)
  • Music CDs
  • DVDs/movies
  • Kid products
  • Sports-related
  • Food / candy
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Wine-related items
  • Clothing for men, women, children
  • Dog-related products
  • ....
Products I tend to avoid reviewing:
  • eBooks
  • eCigs / tobacco / vaping / CBD-related
  • Anything religious
  • Anything too political
  • Supplements
  • Maternity
  • Baby-oriented
You'll get an honest review, and if I don't like something, we can discuss matters before publication to hold review, or that is what will be said. All opinions will be my own unless help is required from family. There will be full disclosure and you'll pick up any shipping charges. Under rare circumstances will I return an item after review.

My day job is in software development, so I can get pretty technical with the review, if necessary. I've also authored ten dead-tree technical books over the years, over twenty books if you include contributing author.

Review Details

Depending upon the review, a service fee may be necessary for the time involved to review. Any associated giveaway may have a charge as it is becoming more involved to coordinate these to get a reasonable audience. Typically, review items should be worth a minimum of $25, though exceptions are made for unique items. If item is less and a giveaway is a part, multiples may be needed to increase giveaway value or a gift card (from Visa/Amazon) could be included. I will do my best to review the item within three weeks, based upon the order items are received. You can have up to two nofollow links in the post along with your media links. Reviews can be posted on a scheduled date if arrangements are made beforehand. Your review will typically be tweeted, shared on Facebook/Google+, pinned, and sent out in the newsletter.

It is highly recommended that you do a giveaway along with the review. Our readers love them and want to try the product/service out, too. It will drive more traffic to your company/network, also, connecting directly with the consumers. Visiting your site / Facebook page, connecting on Twitter, or signing up for your mailing list can all be options for the participants. With the latter, you would need to verify completion of task before a winner could be announced. Due to Facebook rules, liking a Facebook page cannot be an entry option.

When sponsoring giveaways, prizes, too, should have a minimum value of $25. It is preferred that you do the shipment directly to the winner. However, other arrangements can be made, as long as you pay for the shipping. Giveaways are typically open to US residents only unless other arrangements are made beforehand. Depending upon prize value, certain states may need to be excluded.

Giveaways normally last between ten and twenty-one days.

Partnership Opportunities

Other partnership opportunities include:
  • Sidebar and banner advertising
  • Sponsored posts, tweets
  • Video campaigns
  • Site sponsorships
  • Brand ambassador roles
  • Custom promotional projects
  • Conference/event sponsorships
  • Press junkets
  • Travel reviews
All payments are to be sent via Paypal. We are incorporated.

Stats (as of 12/31/19)

  • Facebook Likes / Followers: 16,576 / 14,358
  • Twitter Followers: 29,397
  • Pinterest Followers: 20,200
  • Instagram Followers: 13,003
  • Email Subscribers: 2,249
  • YouTube Subscribers: 2,450
  • Bloglovin: 4,922
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: Between 5,000 and 10,000
  • Monthly Page Views: Between 12,000 and 30,000
  • Domain Authority: 40
  • Page Authority: 42


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