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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Why Cupcakes Are The Best Delight For Your Kids

Are your kids looking for reasons for you to serve them cupcakes? If so, have them read this article so they can have sound arguments on just why they need cupcakes.

You Can Bring Multiple Flavors

It is obvious that not all of your kids have the same taste or like the same flavor when it comes to sweets. There is a diverse range of flavors like chocolate, chocolate chip, blueberry, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, peach, mango, cotton candy, etc. It is easy for the parents not to decide anymore between the vanilla and chocolate cake. You can bring a bunch of cupcakes flavors, starting from red velvet to chocolate to plain vanilla, depending on your kids’ preferences. The Cupcake Room has to offer a variety of delicious flavors for your kid’s birthday party or other special occasions.

Portion Control Is Much Simpler

Understandably, it is feasible for your kids to hold a cupcake in their tiny hands. When it comes to other sweets like a piece of cake, it is troublesome for small kids to hold and eat that without creating a mess in their surroundings. Besides, your kids get to avoid silly arguments like when they compare the size of a cake piece with one another. Cupcake has a standard size, and all of your kids get to enjoy the delight equally. Portion control is much stress-free when you are looking at one cupcake as compared to the size of a cake.

Fit Neatly Into Lunchboxes

Conveniently, cupcakes are perfect for your kids’ lunchboxes. You can wonderfully fit a cupcake with a sandwich in the lunchbox. It will be a great delight for your kid in his lunchtime. Your kids will love to go to school every day as they know they will be getting a sweet treat in the afternoon. With all the healthy meals, there is also a need for energy booster in the form of sugars. So what is better than a cupcake!

Cupcakes Are So Pretty

It would be wrong not to mention that cupcakes look so pretty. There is a common saying that “you eat with your eyes.” So if snacks were artwork, then a cupcake is going to be your renaissance art piece. The primary purpose of a cupcake maker is to bake a delicious and cute looking cupcake so that your kids will absolutely adore the treat. Your kids deserve a little bit of pretty sweet treats in their lives. Let this be a cupcake!

There Are Fewer Calories

It is said that a cupcake has fewer calories than a muffin or a piece of cake. An average muffin has 511 calories. That’s more than a daily recommended caloric intake for your kids. On the other hand, an average bakery bought cupcake holds a mere 350 calories. Logically, the size of a cupcake is a bit smaller than the size of a muffin. Also, it tastes better, and if it’s a chocolate cupcake, it will keep your kids fuller longer. So buy a cupcake to delight your kid!

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  1. Kids seem to have a taste for all things sweet. It is nice to give them a little treat every now and then, and cupcakes are great for that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My kids do love cupcakes! I actually make mini cupcakes for them for portion control. I also fill the middle with strawberry jam or Nutella to make them extra special. :-)

  3. I find them pretty delightful myself! Especially red velvet!