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Saturday, March 21, 2020 Streaming Service Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Stuck home and running out of things to binge watch? Netflix and Disney+ get all the press but the streaming service is celebrating their first anniversary. Their service offers streaming of documentaries and your typical art-house films.

It’s been a year since was launched by a collection of eight top U.S. Indie film distributors. Since then OVID has been consistently adding 20+ titles per month and has grown their collection from approximately 300 titles when it launched, to almost 800 today. One reason OVID has been able to grow its offerings so much has been the steadily increasing list studios and distributors adding content, which now numbers more than 20, with the British Film Institute due to come on board next month. is currently available on Apple TV, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Android devices. After a free introductory 14-day trial, customers in the U.S. and Canada are able to access OVID for $6.99 per month, or $69.99 annually. Typically, the trial is just seven days, not 14.

Check out these films and other new releases:

Adriana's Pact
Directed by Lissette Orozco; Documentary

When Lissette Orozco was a girl, she had a strong role model in my life: her aunt Adriana. In 2007, Adriana was detained and Orozco found out she worked as an agent at DINA (Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional) in Pinochet’s secret police, which has often been compared to the Gestapo of Nazi Germany. Adriana claims to have never seen or participated in any instances of torture, but nevertheless she fled to Australia to avoid trial. In the hope that she can prove her aunt’s innocence, Orozco made her own inquiries and started filming, interviewed experts, former DINA colleague and family and along the way.

There are conflicting stories provided by Adriana, human rights organizations, colleagues, and the press, but….who is telling the truth? As her family’s worst nightmare unfolds on screen, Orozco’s Adriana’s Pact bridges the divide between emotion, memory, and history.
Of Shadows
Directed by Yi Cui; Documentary

Of Shadows is set in the unique landscape of China’s Loess Plateau, where the shadow play, as an enigmatic art form, has entertained people and deities for centuries. The film follows a lively and resilient group of shadow play performers as they navigate between the rural staging of ancient plays and the urban spectacle of national cultural heritage.

As the last part of Yi Cui’s trilogy Ying, which explores the theme of cultural decay and revival, Of Shadows goes beyond the melancholy over the decline of traditional culture and searches for the resilience and vitality in the grassroots and the folklore. This poetic ethnography continues the filmmaker’s pursuit for the rhythmic flow in cinematic medium - meanings are conveyed not only through narrative threads but also through the musicality.
Late Summer & Through the Looking Glass
Directed by Yi Cui; Documentary

These two meditative short films from Chinese filmmaker Yi Cui explore the nature of collective spectatorship. Late Summer captures a centuries-old Beijing theatre in its incarnation as a modern-day transient space. Through the Looking Glass takes place on a high-land Tibetan pasture, where a screening event unfolds quietly. Monks, herdsmen and their families gather by the screen to observe life captured through their own lenses.

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