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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Why Popcorn Is a Great Treat All Around the World

Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks there are. However, it is only beneficial when air-popped, and the butter-popped version of popcorn may not be that healthy after all. Popcorn contains polyphenol, an antioxidant found mostly in plants and used for inflammation. While it has a higher concentration of polyphenol than fruits and vegetables, it cannot completely replace them, but below are some of the reasons why popcorn is a great snack.

It is perfect for dieting
A lot of people struggle with finding a good dieting routine. Air-popped popcorn is a great way to diet, and you can check some of the best air popcorn poppers rated best by Leelalicious. Air pop your popcorn with no butter using minimal salt and the results will wow you. Popcorn is a high fibrous snack and will keep you full for a long time before it gets digested. This way, you can avoid snacking on unhealthy snacks in between meals.

May help fight cancer
Another amazing reason why popcorn is a healthy snack is because of its ability to help fight cancer. Polyphenols have multiple benefits to the body, and one of them is blocking cancerous cells from thriving and spreading. They don’t react directly to the cells but instead stop the enzymes that the cancerous cells need to thrive in the body.

It is a whole grain
With just one serving of popcorn, you will have at least 70% intake of the required daily whole grain quantity. In addition, it is regarded as the only unprocessed whole-grain snack, and what’s more, research has been done to back up the claims.

Has more iron than spinach
In comparison, 30 grams of spinach contains 0.8mg of iron, while 28 grams of popcorn contain 0.9 mg of iron. The difference between the two may not be huge, but this shows one of the many reasons why popcorn is healthy.

May help relieve constipation
A study conducted in 2008 revealed that regular popcorn eaters increase their fiber and whole-grain intake by 22% and 250% respectively. Because popcorn acts as a whole grain, it helps to prevent constipation while keeping your digestive tract in good shape.

It is diabetic-friendly
A lot of people who have diabetes are restricted to certain foods, which cause more harm than good by interfering with their blood sugar levels. Some carbohydrates rich in fiber like bread spike blood sugar in the body, and that is why they are highly advised against for people with diabetes. On the brighter side, popcorn has no adverse effects on blood sugar like these foods do because fiber is not broken down by the body.

Bottom Line
Popcorn is a healthy snack with more advantages than disadvantages. In addition, it is a treat that anyone can enjoy without the worry of risking or compromising with their health. To boot, it can be used to boost other health benefits you obtain from other types of foods.

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