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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Moving Past the Electronic Entertainment Expo

For any individual that enjoys videogames, the Electronic Entertainment Expo used to be the space for everything video games. Companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft would reveal new consoles, games, and complementary services to the praise of thousands of fans. Before these events, fans would do anything to attain insider information before the presentations took place. Since gaming consoles are relatively expensive, many young adults pledge themselves to one of the three companies above and look at these shows as a means of validating purchases. This year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo seemingly came and went since Microsoft was the only console developer that decided to participate this year. After acquiring Nokia and the Nokia theatre, they still plan on showing up for years to come. Entertainment personalities like David Guillod are seeking different alternatives to capturing the attention of the consumer of today.

Evolution of Consumer Attention Spans

The month of June was once filled with anticipation as gamers awaited the newest announcements from favorite developers. The Electronic Entertainment Expo provided players with the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles to play hundreds of new titles before they released to the public. E3 was the perfect event to meet like-minded individuals in the industry and even create partnerships for new projects in the future. With services such as Youtube that provide an endless amount of gaming content, players are getting this fix more readily nowadays. Instead of waiting for one particular moment to receive the most important news, companies are now spreading content throughout the year to keep consumers engaged. The world moves faster than it once did, and these gaming companies need to keep players interested more frequently.

Even flagship titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 are released with critical acclaim and become an afterthought roughly one to two months after release. Nowadays, people are continually looking for the next thing, and one announcement show can no longer satisfy this type of hunger from gamers.

Changing With the Times

Nintendo and Sony have listened to the feedback provided by gamers and now have multiple online shows that occur throughout the year. Nintendo’s Direct conferences are pre-recorded and offer enticing announcements to fans over around two hours. Sony, on the other hand, has a theatre where these conferences are performed live and include all types of fanfare along with trailers and other announcements. Frequent updates are a necessity to achieve success in this current climate.
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