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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Father's Day Feast - 5 Great Gifts for Dads Who Love to Cook

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Father’s day is fast approaching, right alongside the season of grilling. Coincidence? We don’t think so. This year, give your dad a gift he can use on the grill or in the kitchen, and the whole family will get to enjoy an upgraded eating experience during your get-togethers. Here are five great gift ideas for dads who love to cook.

Induction cookware

They put science in the kitchen, and it actually panned out. Ba-dum-tss. Cooking by induction is safer and more energy-efficient as the stovetop itself doesn’t get hot. Only the pots and pans heat up. This gift is a bit of an investment as you need both the special induction cookware and an induction stove to make the heating process work. However, it’s an investment that’s truly worth it. Induction stoves are an excellent option for families with small, wandering hands that try to explore the stovetop while in use. The pots do get hot, but you don’t have to worry about the dangers of accidentally leaving the stove on; although it’s obviously still worth following normal safety procedures.

Fermentation kit

Yeah, words like kimchi and kefir sound kind of girly, but no one can deny the savory taste of fermented food and drink. Beer, anyone? Plus, fermented food is chock-full of health benefits (well, maybe not so much the beer). For the chef with all the best dad jokes, try buying a DIY fermentation kit. It will feel like chemistry class all over again watching him experiment with different combinations, all from the comfort of his own counter (and minus the safety goggles).

Subscription box

If the dad in your life wasn’t handed down the family recipe from generations back, it might be nice to give him a cooking subscription box. Even if he isn’t a beginner in the kitchen, he may learn new meals he wouldn’t have tried otherwise to add to his menu of things he loves to cook. There are so many available now, all easily discoverable online, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding him the best one for his personality. The whole family will be thanking you later.

Meat claws

This product is for the X-Men loving chefs out there. Forget the forks! Meat claws are a great way to finely shred meat without all the extra work and mess. This helps you lift big chunks of meat, stabilize things to be sliced, and of course, makes for great pulled pork sandwiches. The easy clean-up is a bonus, but let’s be real, dad will mostly love all the beastly jokes he’ll be able to make every time he uses them.

It’s electric!

An icon from 1970s Thanksgiving tables is back and bringing with it great precision. Electric carving knives are actually extremely efficient at cutting clean pieces of meat for any occasion. If you regularly have family get-togethers with pork, roasts, or turkeys, this could make the process of deboning and serving a breeze. By processing meat and buying in bulk, you can save lots of money. Any leftovers can be carved into thin slices and frozen to be had on sandwiches in the future. Yeah, it sounds dorky, but for the big meat lovers, an electric knife won’t be the gadget forgotten and dusty on the back of the shelf.

Father’s day in the kitchen or around the grill is an excellent way for the family to get together and celebrate the revered men in our lives. These cooking gifts accentuate that by harnessing the passion of the father you love.

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