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Friday, June 7, 2019

Happy Dad - 5 Awesome Gifts for Dad This Father's Day

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Summertime is here with its season of barbeques, pool parties, and trips to the beach. The sunny months also bring with them the one day of the year that’s just about dad. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, and given how practical most dads are, you definitely want to give something he can actually use. How many neckties can one closet hold? Forgo the money clip or bag of hankies. Here are five awesome gift ideas that you can customize for the dad in your life.

Upgrade his car
Giving the gift of a brand new vehicle may be a little pricey. But upgrading his car to feel brand new can be done without the need to get loan officers involved. Something like LED driving lights can improve his ride and give him more peace of mind while driving at night. Not to mention the brownie points you’ll get for being the child that cares for their dad’s safety.

Grill it up
Americans are spending more than money than ever before on grills and barbecue tools. In an interesting twist, this isn’t because more people are getting in the game. The same 70% of Americans own a grill, as seen in previous decades. It’s just that we are spending more because the tech and gadgets keep getting better and better. By gifting your dad a sweet grill, you’ll have a good excuse to come home for dinner. You don’t have to drop a few grand on a new grill if your dad’s one still has some fight left in it. Even some simple grill mats for easy clean up make an excellent gift for the barbeque-loving father.

Subscription box
There’s a subscription box for literally anything you can think of, so we can’t list them all here, but these boxes are a great way to give your dad something in line with his interests that he may not already have at the house. Whatever your dad has a passion for, chances are you can find a subscription box for it. Golfing? Yep. Beer? Got it. Basket weaving? Maybe. With the right subscription box, you can easily remind him of your love month after month. If you still need more ideas, check out this list of subscription boxes for the men in your life.

Smart home tech
We aren’t trying to break things up with your mom and dad, but another lady in the house just might be the perfect gift. By installing an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you are giving the gift of music, weather, trivia, and a personal assistant all in one. Although, if he is one of those skeptical men that dive too deep into conspiracy theories, it’s probably best to stick to something that doesn’t talk. In this case, a set of Bluetooth smart locks will have him feeling like 007.

The ultimate phone charger
Cords for this, cables for that. It can be a hassle! Simplify dad’s life by buying him a cordless phone charger. This makes charging a drop-and-go experience instead of a strain on the fine motor skills. Investing in a few and you can set one up in all the areas of the house he uses most so his battery can get a quick pick-me-up whenever he stops for a rest.

Father’s day doesn’t have to be complicated to make dad’s happy. Choose one (or a couple) of the above recommendations, all of which are designed to improve his quality of life and make the job of dadding just a little bit easier.

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