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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Jacks and Tire Changers

What do you think happened when an early automobile got the very first flat tire? Thankfully, the jack was already invented. It was just used for other things, like jacking up houses and heavy equipment, too.
Early jacks were of the screw jack variety. Turn the crank and the threads come out further and further. At the top of the threaded area is a flat cast iron pad that what you're jacking up rests on. It doesn't rotate like the rest of the threaded area.
Would you believe if I told you that hydraulic jacks were first patented in 1838? Yeah, they're that old. Pneumatic jacks came next, switching out the compressed oil of a hydraulic jack for compressed air. Throw that compressed air into a bag and you get a lifting bag. The great thing about lifting bags is when they're used underwater they can lift sunken treasure.

If you're not trying to lift a boat from the bottom of the sea and instead just want to change a tire, car jacks get the wheel off the car, but you need a tire changer to change the tire. Manual tire changers will do the trick, you may want the best buy automotive equipment tire changers. They're great for someone who manages a garage or a service station.

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