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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Long Line at the Show

Waiting in a line can be very trying, but we all have to wait sometimes. If you are facing a long queue, brace yourself, bring a good snack along and use these tips to make this wait less tiresome and tedious.

Bring a Snack
Seriously, don’t disregard this piece of advice. Even if you wait somewhere where there are plenty of places to eat around, running across the street to that pizza joint may cost you your place on the line. Try this wonderful Instant Pot Pulled Pork recipe, and your wait will be that much better. It’s easy to make and can be safely stored in a lunchbox. Having to wait is hard, but having to wait while being hungry can be excruciating, so you don’t have to turn it into a hardship. Alternatively, if you want something on a lighter side or something you can share with a friend, you can pack yourself a lunch of shrimp and rice and two sets of chopsticks.

Look After Your Health
This is especially important for people in unpleasant weather conditions. If you’re waiting in a several hours line to get to that huge concert show and it’s steaming hot outside, try to find shade, drink a lot of water, bring sunscreen and wear a hat to avoid heat stroke. On the contrary, if you have to wait outside in the cold, make sure you have warm clothes, especially warm boots, hat, and gloves, bring something hot to drink and try to move around to improve the blood flow to your extremities.

Be Patient
Fretting and fuming won’t make the wait shorter. But it will sure make it harder. Instead, try to relax, meditate a little, use this time to do something you couldn’t find time before or just think over things that need your attention. Of course, it’s still hard to wait, so maybe something good to eat will help you pass the time, for instance, fried scallops.

Play Phone Games
Video games are a top notch time killer. Ever wanted to find out what that game your kid has been raving about for so long was? This is your chance. Try downloading a few freebies on your smartphone beforehand as the Internet may not be available while you wait. And don’t forget to bring a charger, as video games kill time just as effectively as they do away with battery charge.

Catch up on Your Phone Calls
Speaking of doing things you’ve been procrastinating with, phone calls is one of them. You can finally catch up with your parents or friends you keep a long distance relations with or call your grandma finally.

Keep a Small, Thin Book Handy

A good story will help you to relax and divert your attention from having to deal with a long wait. If you don’t feel like reading fiction, a self-improvement book, a textbook, even a magazine will keep you a good company.

Having to wait doesn’t have to be a trying, unpleasant experience. You can make it much better for yourself and for those who have to wait with you. Have any waiting tips of your own? Please share them!

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