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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Storm & Fury Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's a paranormal historical adventure book with a bit of steampunk thrown in. Along with the book info, there is a giveaway for a pair of Amazon gift cards ($25 each) and FOUR swag bags. The gift card giveaways are open worldwide. The swag bags are US only. You have through 4/27 to enter. Good luck.

Storm & Fury
A Storm and Fury Adventures Collection
by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin
Genre: Paranormal Historical Adventure, Steampunk

New Pittsburgh, 1898 – a crucible of invention and intrigue. Born from the ashes of devastating fire, flood and earthquake, the city is ruled by the shadow government of The Oligarchy. In the swarming streets, people of a hundred nations drudge to feed the engines of progress. The Department of Supernatural Investigation was set up to take care of those things that live below, that go bump in the night… those odd cases that go beyond ‘standard’ investigation. Nicknamed ‘Storm and Fury’, Mitch Storm and Jacob Drangosavich are two of the more creative agents, working in New Pittsburgh and obeying the rules – when they have to.

A collection of short stories and novellas set in the world of the Iron & Blood novels and the related Storm and Fury Adventures.

Includes: Airship Down, Ruin Creek, Resurrection Day, The Hunt, Grave Voices, and Rogue. Plus two bonus stories: Ghost Wolf and a Steampunk fairy tale: The Patented Troll


Gail Z. Martin discovered her passion for science fiction, fantasy and ghost stories in elementary school. The first story she wrote at age five was about a vampire. Her favorite TV show as a preschooler was Dark Shadows. At age 14, she decided to become a writer. She enjoys attending science fiction/fantasy conventions, Renaissance fairs and living history sites.

Larry N. Martin is the author of the new sci-fi adventure novel Salvage Rat. He is the co-author (with Gail Z. Martin) of the Spells, Salt, and Steel/New Templars series; the Steampunk series Iron & Blood; and a collection of short stories and novellas: The Storm & Fury Adventures set in the Iron & Blood universe. He is also the co-author of the upcoming Wasteland Marshals series and the Joe Mack Cauldron/Secret Council series.

The Martins have three children, a Maltese, and a Golden Retriever.

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  1. Science fiction books are always fun to read, my question for the author is where do you get your ideas.

  2. wow this looks awesome. how did you know you wanted to write?

  3. The cover looks great! I love short stories.

  4. Love this cover sounds like a great book.

  5. The cover art seems appropriate for the book. Good job.

  6. I like the cover, it gets your attention

  7. The cover makes me want to read the book.


  8. The book cover is colorful enough to attract readers to it even readers who don't do science fiction.

  9. sounds very desolate and desperate

  10. This book looks like the kind of book that my hubby & son love to read! And from the cover, I think I might even read it, too

  11. Paranormal and Steampunk ......AWESOME!

  12. Love the cover and I would ask, What book that you read when your were young got you into your love of writing?

  13. Not sure on the cover, the book sounds really good though. I honestly would have passed on it just by the cover.