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Thursday, December 27, 2018

What Americans Are Googling the Most Around Christmastime.

What were people in your state most likely to be googling on Christmas day? For me / Massachusetts it was "Eggnog Alcohold Recipe." Personally, I would just throw in the alcohol and stir.... I do like what the people of Delaware were searching for. Click on the map to expand the picture.
Here are some of our most interesting findings:
  • “Tinder” was popular around the US on Christmas, and was the top result in Rhode Island!
  • Ohio must be home to some naughty kids — the state’s most-searched query was “Where to buy coal”
  • The most popular query across the US on Christmas Day was “”
  • The most-Googled query in Texas was “Is the grinch real?”
Methodology: The team at used Google Trends to review top searches on Christmas 2017 and analyzed the queries state by state to produce a list of each state’s most-Googled Christmas-related term (from 24-26 December 2017.)

What's up with the people of Alaska who have to ask "What is Christmas?"

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