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Monday, October 29, 2018

How Fresh Juice Helps with Children Growth and Health

Kids love juice as much as they love their play. They can be fussy and choosy over food and fruits but when it comes to juice, just say the word, and they will drink down an entire jug without second thoughts. And this is why beverages are often said to be the culprit when it comes to childhood obesity. However, it is important to note that despite the scrutiny, giving your kids fresh fruit juice not only makes their childhood enjoyable but also offers them nutrients and vitamins that are vital in their health and growth. If you still have doubts about that, check out the descriptions below to find out how fresh juice helps with children growth and health.

Gives them energy
Children are always on the go. One minute they are climbing on top of something and the next one you find them running after their friends or pet, and this is the beauty of childhood. It is through such play that they can develop mentally and also physically. For them to play efficiently, they need energy. A glass of juice before child play is enough to get their adrenaline rushing and keep them on their feet until they are done playing. The fructose in the fresh fruit juice is usually easily absorbed and broken down by the system hence providing them with an instant burst of energy that they need while playing. Additionally, healthy juices are a far much healthier alternative in comparison to sugar-laden energy drinks.

Juice keeps them hydrated
As shown above, children are always on the go which is okay because child play is of the essence for their mental and physical development. However, too much play can cause them to be dehydrated. Unlike adults, a child will never stop in the middle of a game to go and take water. Fortunately, ensuring that you give them a glass of juice before they hit the field will not only boost and maintain their energy levels but will also help keep them hydrated. Hydration is key to their overall wellbeing and healthy juices, for instance, watermelon juice contributes to their daily fluid intake. Furthermore, it is much easier to convince a toddler to take a glass of juice before they play than a glass of water.

Boosts their immunity
Children are usually more prone to diseases as their immune system is still growing. Fortunately, you don't have to buy them expensive supplements as giving them fresh fruit juice will strengthen their immunity. And this is because fruits pack a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which help boost the overall wellbeing of your child. For instance, the reason why people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away that is because it contains a diverse array of nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C, K, potassium, fiber and many others which are incredibly beneficial to the human body. Giving a glass of apple, watermelon, orange, or any other fruit juice to your child every day helps boost their immunity. And this enables their bodies to fight diseases so they can enjoy their childhood to the fullest. 

Fruit juice helps in the development of their bones
Because their bones are still weak and soft, most children are usually more susceptible to fractures and conditions such as rickets. However, giving them fruits and vegetables rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese helps in strengthening their bones and teeth. Some of the fruits rich in such minerals include citruses such as fortified oranges, tangerines and others like blackberries, papaya, and granadilla. However, it is important to note that your child will only get the nourishment of such juices if they are 100% natural which is why it is important that you own a juicer. It allows to prepare juices for your child at home hence you can be sure that what your child is drinking is safe. Besides, owning a juicer comes with extra perks as you get to try out different types of juices to see what your children like. So, if you are planning on buying one to make some juice, then keep in mind that solid reviews prove that it is the best juicer to buy.

Fresh fruit juices ease digestion in kids
Because they are still young, most children usually have a weak digestive system. And this makes them more vulnerable to indigestion. The discomfort that comes as a result of this often affects their growth. Fortunately, fruit juice is the healthiest alternative as it is not only easily absorbed but also packs a ton of antioxidants which promote smooth digestion.

If given in moderation, fruit and vegetable juices are one of the purest and healthiest things you can give your child to promote their wellbeing and growth.

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