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Friday, September 7, 2018

Galactic Mandate Book Blast and Giveaway

We have a scifi space opera as our next featured book. Somehow, I feel it needs a soundtrack. Don't miss enter the $25 gift card giveaway for Amazon. Open worldwide, you have through 10/4 to enter. Good luck.

Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause
by M.R. Richardson
Genre: SciFi, Space Opera

The galaxy is in turmoil. The two main powers, the Acolyte Empire and the Clone Defense Force, vie for supremacy. 

Caught in between are the weaker Galactic Planetary League and independent planets, pawns to be used and discarded in the greater game. The peace of the galaxy rests on a powder keg…and the fuse is about to be lit. 

As the son of the Acolyte Emperor God-Reign, Devante lives a life of power and luxury that few can fathom. 

Since childhood, he has devoted his life to one thing: freeing the clone slaves of the CDF and banning the practice of cloning throughout the galaxy. But he is about to uncover a secret that goes to the heart of the empire he loves and serves, one that will set him on a course of vengeance and destruction that will shake the galaxy to its core. 

Against this backdrop of war, treachery, and intrigue, Galactic Mandate tells an epic saga of god-emperors and assassins, spies and queens, princesses and slaves. 

The lives of all will be irrevocably changed as Devante embraces his destiny—for when empires collide, no one is safe, and there is no place in the galaxy to hide.

M.R. Richardson is a new African-American science fiction author. He hopes to spread a new type of story. Something raw, and original that everyone over 18 can enjoy.
M.R. Richardson is the author of Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause, and the founder of Room 10 Publishing.

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  1. I love the cover makes me want to read it!

  2. I like the cover...but reading what is about makes me really want to dive in. It would be great on the back cover or something similar in writing style.

  3. Pretty interesting cover. It draws you in and makes you want to read the book.

  4. The cover art seems appropriate for the book. Good job.

  5. I find the cove art a bit dark. Maybe in person it would grab me a little more. Thanks!

  6. The cover is quite different. I find my self fascinated.

  7. The cover image is fantastic! Galactic Mandate looks like a great read!

  8. I can’t wait to read this story to hopefully find out what is happening on the cover and what an Galactic Mandate is!!!