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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Why PDF Documents Are Better Than Word Documents

Long gone are the days when people had to use a typewriter for their official office documentation. Since the introduction of computers, the office documentation has transitioned from physical form to a virtual one.
We are going to compare two of the most commonly used software for office work today and will look at answering why PDF files are better than Word documents.

Yes, let’s start the comparison by first establishing that PDF files are indeed better. Now let’s look at some of the reasons why:

1. More Secure

When we talk about PDF documents, we can surely say that they are more secure than Word documents as they come with additional security features.

It’s not just the password protection that makes PDF more secure. Password protecting files only prohibit others from opening a file, but what would you do if you need someone to have a look at the file.

This is important in a business environment when you are working on a document, and you want other employees to be able to see it and give feedback, but not make any changes to the document. This is something that is possible when you use PDF files.

You can put limitations on what one can do with a file, but such ease is not available in case of Word documents.

2. Transferable

When it comes to distribution of a document to a large audience, using Word is not favorable as it might run into problems if everybody doesn’t have the same version of Microsoft Word, the one the original document was prepared using.

Opening a file on a different version of Word can ruin formatting due to issues with fonts, etc.

PDF, on the other hand, is perfect for distribution to a large number of people, as it is going to look the same on all the devices since there are no font and other such issues in the case of PDFs.

Moreover, you don’t even need to have a particular software or version to view PDF files. They will work fine on all devices and readers.

3. More Accessibility

PDF files have far more accessibility than Word files. For example, with the option of text-to-speech, you can sit back and listen to the text for review instead of reading it all over again.

4. More Interactive

PDF documents allow you to add media (movies and pictures) to a document for a more interactive experience. While Word also offers this functionality, it usually ruins the format and quality of the images which can destroy the overall experience.

5. Edit Documents

You can add or remove pages from PDF files without any problem. Plus, merging documents is also easy. You can do the same on Word as well, but that requires copy-pasting the content, which wastes time and keystrokes.

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