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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Top Places to Visit near Bangkok

If you are visiting Thailand on a tight budget and timeline or if you are merely visiting the Thai capital for a business purpose, you might crave to explore a bit of real Thailand. Unfortunately, Bangkok has little to offer regarding the real Thai experience apart from food, shopping and maybe a few temples. You might also be irked by the fact that most of the exotic stuff in Thailand is located in remote areas and require additional travel time and expense, which might not be possible for those who are looking for a quick look around.

Many people do not know that there are some fantastic hidden gems very close to Bangkok that can be explored quickly and within budget. A lot of these locations can easily be reached by road, rail, or boat, thanks to the comprehensive transport network that exists in Thailand. Here are a few interesting places that you should not miss out if you are looking forward to exploring Thailand without having to travel too far.

One of the most famous towns near the capital, Pattaya has become very touristy over the years. Initially, it was only a barren fishing village with nothing much to offer. In the late twentieth century, the government decided to develop the town into a commercial hub. Soon, Pattaya began to attract attention from bachelors and party lovers for its hip nightclubs, pubs, and bars.

Over the years, the local government became keener to develop it into a tourist-centric city, and today, Pattaya is a well-rounded tourist destination, and there are many things to do in Pattaya. It has decent beaches, water sports, water parks, zoos, wildlife parks, and even adventure sports such as skydiving. The town is a 3-hour drive from Bangkok and can also be covered in a day trip if you do not wish to have an overnight stay.

Hua Hin
Although Pattaya has a lot to offer even if you minus the beach from the equation, many beach fans are not impressed with Pattaya beach. That is probably because of the absence of white sand. If you want to experience an exotic white sand beach with an overnight stay in an exotic beach resort and enjoy the pristine white beaches, visit Hua Hin. The town is pretty commercial with some great food options and a happening nightlife scene, so you can have a perfect short getaway if you want to go away from the metropolis.

Khao Yai National Park
Contrary to popular opinion, Thailand is much more beyond beaches. It is home to some of the beautiful national parks and beautiful natural reserves that nature lovers cannot resist appreciating. Khao Yai National Park is one such gorgeous natural reserve that is close to the capital. With abundant wildlife and beautiful waterfalls, the park is declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Besides the lush green natural beauty that dominates the scenery of this exotic town, it is a great place for history buffs. Kanchanburi's central claim to fame is the famous ¨Death Railway¨ Bridge. The Great War biopic The Bridge over River Kwai was also filmed at the very same place, which makes it an exciting place to visit.

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