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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Business of Indie Games Virtual Summit

As a software developer myself who likes to play games, I tend to follow the gaming development arena and enjoy going to the in-person PAX East conference each spring. For those who can't make it to an in person conference and want to learn more about the world of independently developed games, check out the free upcoming The Business of Indie Games virtual conference coming in July.
DeepDive Online is super pleased to confirm that Kickstarter, Snapchat, Green Man Gaming, Supergiant Games and the Creators of Prison Architect, Puzzle Quest, Once Upon a Coma, Pinstripe and Hellblade are among the 30 brilliant and commercially astute speakers focusing on their business experience in games at the Business of Indie Games 2018 – Virtual Summit.

The Business of Indie Games is the first FREE virtual summit focusing exclusively on how to survive and thrive in the independent video games business. The 30+ top indie devs will share their hard-won experience – wins and losses – in mastering the strategy, finance and marketing skills needed to succeed in the industry.

This online event has been created by indie developers for indie developers; industry legends, major studios, publishers and platform holders and aspiring and successful Indie devs will share their experience and wisdom over four days.

30+ Speakers include:
  • Amir Rao, Co-Founder @SUPERGIANT GAMES
  • Anya Combs, Games Outreach Lead @KICKSTARTER
  • Thomas Brush, Founder @ATMOS GAMES (Pinstripe, Coma & Once Upon….)
  • Dominic Matthews, Commercial Director @NINJA THEORY 
Key Points Being Discussed:
  • Building simple but compelling pitches that open doors and get you funded 
  • Attracting investors and negotiating the best publishing contracts 
  • Cash-flowing games & keeping your studio in business long-term 
  • Strategies to grow from a one-team to a two or three-team studio as soon as you can 
  • Identifying and minimizing project risk on your own games and work-for-hire
  • Strategies for maximizing returns on hit games 
  • The tried and tested experience of those who’ve hit their targets many times over on Kickstarter 
  • Insight on digital distribution and platform strategy from top indie developers 
  • Building loyal supporters for your game with zero marketing budget 
  • Navigating the games press and influencers in a way that means you get noticed 
There are over 40 hours of business focused video interviews to watch, that explain how to avoid the pitfalls, and win in this challenging but rewarding industry.

“There is plenty of material covering art & design and programming out there, but currently not enough serious information about how to succeed in the business of video games. Our material is deeply researched and focused and aims to address exactly these issues.”

Nicola Freeman, Summit Co-Founder.

The Business of Indie Games 2018 online summit was born out of Simon Bailey & Nicola Freeman’s desire to remove the barriers to powerful games industry business information, without the need for travel and cost. The purpose of the event is to support new indies and small to mid-size studios in building long-term, profitable businesses in a difficult, hit driven industry. It’s taken a year of balancing day jobs and families, working evenings and weekends and they are finally there and open for registration.

There is a limited amount of free tickets to watch between 24-27 July, 2018, so if you’re interested sign up now!

What’s more, day four, 27 July 2018, is just for ‘New’ Indie Dev’s who want to make a start in the games business. This day will focus on the first steps aspiring indies need to make in funding, creating and releasing their first or second game, with an in-depth focus on publishing, distribution and community building.

There’s a free to attend option right now and for a reasonable price you can get immediate access to the 30+ Business Interviews as they are released by getting an ‘All-Access Pass’.

To get a free ticket and find out more, please visit And check out the latest in competitive intelligence, win-loss analysis consultant.

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