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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Star Wars Darth Vader Sixth Scale Figure Giveaway

Dude Shopping runs some great giveaways every once in a while... At least great if you're a Star Wars fan... Their latest is for a $250 sixth scale Darth Vader. The giveaway runs through 6/15 and is open to both US and International residents. If an International (OUS) winner is selected, taxes and fees will apply and vary by country. Features:

– Fully articulated Darth Vader body
– Tailored costume includes two-piece fabric body suit, quilted vest, pants, undershirt, inner robe and cape
– Detailed helmet portrait and body armor elements
– Chest box and belt boxes with light-up features
– Light saber hilt with attached blade
– Eight sculpted interchangeable hands
– 13.75″ tall

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