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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Hobbies to Try This Summer

A recent article about an interesting bunch of books to read this season got me excited about summer. The season is always the perfect time for new adventures, an extended – and very relaxing holiday – and new things to try. The latter is what we are going to discuss in this article.

There is never a shortage of new things to try, especially if you enjoy spending your summer days outside. Some new hobbies are more exciting than others, but they are all interesting. Here are some of my top picks of new hobbies to try this summer.

Yes, it is actually not too late to learn how to ride a skateboard. There is one particular reason why this is a hobby you should try: motorized longboards are becoming more and more affordable. Soon, you can zoom through the streets of your neighborhood, feeling the wind as you pick up speed.

Longboards are probably your best bet if you are just getting started with skateboarding; or longboarding. Longboards have a longer wheelbase, so they are more stable. Even better, you can really pick up some speed with a good board.

Some boards will even go as fast as 50 miles per hour. Make sure you have the skills – and the safety gear – before you try to hit that kind of speed. As for getting started, you now have top sites like Ride Asf helping you get everything you need, including information on how to get started.

Speaking of longboarding…

Surfing is another great new hobby, especially if you live near a beach with decent waves. It is not difficult to find a surfing course; learning how to surf is not difficult at all. in just a couple of hours, you can be riding the waves like other more experienced surfers.

Those who surf always say that surfing is addictive. Once you experience the thrill and catch your first wave, you are completely hooked. Still, it is a fantastic new thing to try in the summer. You just have to find a good beach where the crowd isn’t too bad, and there is a good surfing course you can follow.

You don’t even have to get your own gear until you are certain that this is the hobby for you. Surfing gear rentals are available across the best surf beaches in the country.

This last one is another personal interest of mine; I’ve always wanted to try woodworking. There is something about making an item with your hands that is immensely satisfying. It is also a more benign hobby to try this season, so it is perfect for those who aren’t really interested in challenging sports.

You can convert your garage into a functional woodworking workshop. You don’t have to buy all the tools right away either because there are a lot of rental companies that will rent them to you for a small fee. The only thing to keep in mind is making sure that safety is your top priority. Woodworking may be fun, but there are still hazards to anticipate when working with power tools in your garage.

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