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Thursday, May 24, 2018

How to Pack the Appropriate Vacation Clothes

The date for your much needed and long awaited vacation is nearing; you anxiously look at your calendar, crossing off each day that passes, as it’s one day closer to your departure. Whether you are traveling for a week’s vacation or embarking on a long travel adventure, you need to pack the appropriate clothes. Understandably, not many people love packing. Some people pack too little, whereas others feel the need to pack up their entire closet to take along with them. Finding that perfect in-between packing scenario is rare. Most importantly, you need to pack things you will actually use on the trip. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your travel clothes.

The amount
The amount of clothes you decide to bring with you is just as important as what it is you are bringing. Choosing the correct amount to bring with you should be reflective of the duration you are gone. If you are going up to a cottage for a weekend, you should not be packing up your entire closet. On the same note, not even traveling around the world requires you to pack everything. In order to pack strategically, you need to give some thought as to what you truly need to bring with you. How many pairs of shirts do you really need? How many pairs of jeans? Did you pack enough underwear and socks? Let this be a reminder; you typically don’t need more than three pairs of jeans with you. Remember that you will re-use the clothes you bring during the week, and longer. It would also be wise to call your hotel or Airbnb in advance to find out if there is a laundry service you can use. If there is, that should alleviate some of the packing pressure considering you can easily do laundry and bring fewer options as a result. A good trick to give off the illusion of different outfits is to pack a variety of accessories with you. Moreover, use a combination of folding and rolling when packing up your bags to strategically place the clothes you do decide to bring along. Follow the appropriate travel packing tips and choose your clothing options wisely.

Weather appropriate
In addition to figuring out how many clothes you should bring, pack for your destination. Check the weather and bring the necessary garments for that weather. If you are going to a hot beach destination, you don’t need to fill up your bag with sweaters and a heavy jacket. A light jacket will do just fine, along with t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses. The same principle applies to the colder destinations, but this time, bring out the warm clothes. If you are going to Iceland and you have not packed a single sweater, there is a problem. If it’s going to be raining, pack an umbrella. It’s as simple as that. Limit the number of unnecessary purchases you need to make while traveling, especially if it’s something as simple as remembering to pack an umbrella.

Style may be important, but being comfortable is key. If your trip involves a lot of walking, and many do, bring along the appropriate pair of running shoes. It will limit your amount of blisters and may even be the very reason you don’t accidentally sprain your foot while traveling. Leave room in your bag for at least a few garments that are equally comfortable. Perhaps it’s your most comfortable pair of pajama pants or an ultra comfortable shirt. Whatever you decide to pack, do not disregard the importance of comfort while traveling. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes could ruin your trip and force you to spend more money in order to buy comfortable alternatives.

Your favorite items
Everyone has that one favorite article of clothing that makes him or her feel Vogue-ready. It could be a favorite dress or your all-time favorite shirt that you swear gives you good luck whenever you put it on. Perhaps it is something that may not even necessarily seem like the most logical addition to your bag, but you can’t go anywhere without it. If your daughter or son, niece or nephew can’t part with their fine knit Gucci beanie, let them bring it on the trip. The favorite garment could be a luxurious item that was received as a gift from someone special or was simply a present you gifted to yourself after a bad day. So long as your suitcase is not full to the brim with these items, there is no harm in bringing one or two of them.

Leave room for extra purchases
Regardless of how much you want to bring, leave room for purchases you will without a doubt be making on your trip. A lot of people will bring back souvenirs from their travels. For some, this means trinkets and little mementos. For others, these mementos manifest themselves in the form of clothes. After all, who can resist doing a little bit of shopping when you are somewhere new and exciting? You will come back home with some incredibly unique garments when you do so, as well. While you are shopping abroad, there are a few tips you can keep in mind as well. Depending on where you are, it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to haggle and negotiate the price for something. This could be done at flea markets and outdoor markets. Moreover, to make sure that you aren’t being scammed when purchasing some fine leather accessory at a market abroad, make sure you do the preliminary research. Know what to look for ahead of time when it comes to genuine items.

Packing for any trip requires some thought and research. If you thought that the only part of your trip that requires research was your itinerary, you are wrong. You don’t want to spend the first part of your trip trying to find an umbrella or a pair of shorts because you didn’t check the weather ahead of time. Remember to even think about how much you are bringing in order to leave room for additional purchases. Overpacking will result in extra fees as airports have a set amount of weight that your suitcase is allowed to be. Thus, it is important to pack diligently and do your preliminary research.

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