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Monday, April 9, 2018

Gotrax Glider Cadet Electric Scooter Giveaway

If you win, be sure to wear your helmet when you go zooming around the neighborhood. At a top speed of 11 mph, someone can get really hurt if they fall or crash into someone's car because they can't steer very well. Open to US residents only, you have through 4/22 to enter. Good luck.

Sponsored by: GOTRAX Hosted by: Powered by Mom

In case you just can't wait to see if you win this electric scooter, right now GOTRAX has a special deal! You can get the Glider Cadet and helmet for ONLY $99. The scooter normally sells for $179 so this is a fantastic deal. Check it out HERE.

Read Powered by Mom's Review on the GOTRAX Glider Cadet Electric Scooter HERE.


Explore your galaxy on the GOTRAX GLIDER CADET electric scooter for kids. This gliding rider is your transport to freedom. Straight on to the stars, the GLIDER CADET blasts you to the Outer Rim and brings you back home planetside.

For all our GOTRAX Commanders, safety is key to winning the day in the GOTRAX GALAXY.

With a mechanical handbrake just like on a bicycle, the GOTRAX GLIDER CADET keeps you personally in control of your E scooter glide through spacetime.

Barriers to fun fall away with a flick of your wrist, as you engage the 100W motor up to 11 miles per hour. Imagine the distances you can swiftly travel on the GOTRAX GLIDER CADET. Round trips into the planetary system of your choice circle in at a range of over 7 miles.

Launch your CADET into galactic orbit with a simple kick-start, then engage the throttle, and cruise the stars.

The GLIDER CADET’s ease of use is off the planetary charts. This child’s electric scooter requires no pilot training at all, just the same sense of balance we all use to walk down the street or ride a bike.

Feel the cosmic fun as you zip around like a top-ranking pilot. What’s the ideal way to explore your planetary system? The GOTRAX GLIDER CADET is your ticket to galactic adventure.

One lucky winner will receive the GOTRAX GLIDER CADET! Enter on the Giveaway Tools.


  1. I really like that it has a rechargeable battery for years of riding fun.

  2. brenda boone aka pepper boone would love this

  3. I like that it has a rechargeable battery.