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Monday, April 2, 2018

Finders Seekers - Subscription Box Review

Are you a fan of subscription boxes? What about escape the room type adventures or urban scavenger hunts? Finders Seekers is kind of all that, but you don't have to leave the luxury of your couch or kitchen table. Each month, you're sent a mystery box that helps you virtually explore a new city.

Living in the Boston-area myself, I thought it was only fitting that the box I was sent was for Boston itself. I kept to put some personal knowledge to use, too, and not just make good use of the Internet, as their welcome letter suggests. That won't typically be the case where I can take advantage of personal knowledge. Another recent box was for Beijing to which I've never been, yet.

Included in the Boston box are the following:
  • Freedom Trail map
  • Freedom Trail seal & ring
  • Transparency
  • Scrape of paper with curious writings
  • Latin school spelling list
  • Book list
  • Letter from "Your Fellow American"
  • Copy of the Declaration of Independence
  • Letter from a Revolutionary War soldier
  • Spy marker
It is great to do this type of puzzle / adventure with the family when stuck inside on a rainy day or snow as the case may be here in New England. The hardest part of the puzzle might just be discovering where to start as there weren't any explicit instructions. After looking around, we finally discovered the starting point. You do have to make good use of the Internet as the welcome letter claims.

Once we figured out where to start, I realized that any local knowledge I thought would be helpful was a lie. It is the parts of the box that you need to work with, including the spy marker which writes in invisible ink and includes a black light that is tricky to hold down. You do, however, learn about the location, even if you are local. Kind of like those odd facts that a tour bus driver might say.
At each stop along the way, you're to use elements from the box to solve a puzzle. Solve the puzzle and collect some tokens. If you make it to the end of the adventure, you will be asked for contact info to be entered to win a prize.

How long the adventure takes depends upon how good you are at solving puzzles. On the bottom of the welcome letter it gives the puzzle a difficulty rating. For Boston, it is 4 out of 5 with a completion time of 2-3 hours. A larger group than two or three people isn't needed and in fact you could do alone, or see how well your child does on their own. With an eleven year-old myself, I think it hits just the right level for him.

A subscription costs $30/month if you do the month to month version down to $25/month if you order a full year's worth ($300 total).

Overall, we liked the puzzle. I'm a bit more of a puzzle nut then some so some of the stops on the map went really quick, others not so fast. As things went along, I tried to give everyone else a chance to solve versus rushing through things.

If you stop by the Finders Seekers web site, you can enter to win a free box and receive a discount code for $5 off that you can use immediately!

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