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Friday, March 2, 2018

Adventure Travels

We are going to review the very best places to go in the United States for an adventure. You may not have to travel far to find something near you that’s exciting and different from what you are used to doing for your days off.

This Hawaiian island often gets overlooked from the other major islands nearby, but there are tons of things to do if you take some time to visit here. It’s more remote than some of the other picks, but it doesn’t get talked about as much as some other places do either, so we thought it was worth covering for its rain forests, waterfalls, beaches, hiking trails, and mountains. The island only has two roads, so you should be able to easily find some adventure without having to go very far here.

Jackson Hole
This is another underappreciated adventure destination, and it boasts skiing in the winter and hiking on rugged mountain trails all year long. There are some older settlements scattered throughout the area that have historic landmarks and architecture, but once you get off the beaten path, you can find all sorts of adventure. Wild animals of all shape and size are hiding in the forests, and the ranches offer you the chance to experience the life of a cowboy. Just make sure you have a personal injury lawyer on standby or brush up on some injury law basics yourself over here in case breaking in that horse goes south.

This vast rocky crags and crevices of Sedona give it a unique look. Its red rocks make for a wonderful hiking experience, and you can do plenty of that while enjoying the more than one hundred trails marked through the area. Just be prepared to do some climbing to make the most of this rugged location. Once you do, you can appreciate the beautiful vistas and sunset across the desert that few others get to experience.

Outer Banks
Most people come here for the excellent fishing, and that can be an adventure all on its own. Trying to catch a big fish can be a riveting way to spend an afternoon, but some prefer to wakeboard or water ski in the high winds and waves along the shores. It’s a popular family destination in North Carolina, and it is worth checking out for anyone who likes to be out on the water.

If you want to brave the best Alaska has to offer, you can do so near the big city of Anchorage. Travel just outside the city, and you will come across the snow-topped mountains and expansive woodlands. Trails cut through there and the more adventurous can make their way up the mountain and find some of the wildlife that Alaska is famous for. Moose and bears are a common sight all year long, and fishing, hunting, and skiing are all common pastimes in this part of the country.

Hopefully, you have some ideas now for your next great US adventure, and you don’t have to feel bored by the same old things you are used to doing.

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  1. I would love to win the lottery and be able to travel. Thanks for the examples!

  2. These are great ideas,I would love to see you compile a list state by state