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Friday, February 9, 2018

6 Fun Things to Do as a Solo Traveler

Traveling seems to be the new cool, and there are many reasons this may be so. For one, you have the opportunity to meet different people, you can learn about new cultures, and you’re likely to gain new and invaluable experiences. Sometimes when you want to travel, you aren’t able to because you have nobody to go with. It may be that your friends are too busy or they can’t afford it at the time. However, that shouldn’t deter you from traveling if you really have an interest in exploring. If you’re brave enough, why not consider traveling alone? It is a great way to learn more about yourself as well as meet new people on your journey. If you do decide to go alone, you are going to need some actives to keep you busy unless you plan on lounging around every day. There are five different things you could get up to if you decide to take the plunge and travel alone listed in this article.

Depending on your level of adventure, skydiving may be a great activity for you to get up to while on holiday. If you aren’t afraid of heights, being thousands of feet above the ground may give you the adrenaline rush that you’re looking for. Even if you don’t like heights, and you’re just trying to overcome that fear, it may also be a good way to throw yourself into the deep end and do so. You might be surprised to know that skydiving can help boost your confidence, develop your strength, push your limits and also burn calories.

If you’re looking for a thrill while on holiday, why not consider ziplining? If you’ve never heard of it before, ziplining basically consists of sliding down a pulley that’s suspended on a cable which usually tends to be made of stainless steel and is mounted on a slope. It’s a great thing to do if you enjoy nice views and landscapes while racing down at a slant at up to 100 miles per hour. Whether you go to South Africa, Australia, or Costa Rica, ziplining is usually an adventurous activity you can get up to although it may go by a different name depending on where you are. I may also be interesting to know that ziplining is said to have originated from the Himalayas and the Alps and was used as a way to carry supplies more efficiently and also travel across the dangerous country. You may also want to know that the Grand Canyon West zipline is due to open in 2018, so if you’re up for soaring up to 1,000 feet above the ground, then you could pick that as a vacation spot.

Scuba Diving
In 2016, there were approximately 3.11 million people who participated in scuba diving in the US. The fact that so many people are diving underwater in a year indicates that it might be an activity worth trying if you haven’t before. Some countries you could consider scuba diving in include Australia, Egypt, the US, Honduras, Thailand, Belize, South Africa, and Galapagos Islands. There are many things you stand to gain from plunging into the deep blue oceans such as seeing beautiful coral reefs, seeing one of 228,450 marine species that there are said to be worldwide, and having a visual memory of what the ocean looks like to keep forever. In order to scuba dive, you will, however, need to be able to swim at least 200 meters and also be able to tread water or float for a minimum of ten minutes. This is so that you as well as the group you may be diving with are kept as safe as possible. If you don’t know how to swim and you’re adamant about going scuba diving, then it may be worth investing in swimming lessons before your holiday.

Escape the Room
If you happen to be doing some solo exploring nationally, then Escape The Room may be a good adventure to embark on. They are located in 29 different states throughout the US which means that whether you’re in Alabama, Ohio, or Washington D.C., you can find a venue to play at. Just in case you’ve never heard about this game before, they are a style of single-player adventure video games where the player is left to figure out how to break free from a locked room. They’ve then got to use the tools and clues made available to them to figure out how to escape from the room. There are usually secret compartments and areas that aren’t immediately visible that offer clues that will help you solve the puzzle. If you enjoy computer games and problem-solving, then this may be ideal for you to do while you’re on holiday. You might be pleased to know that this is a mentally challenging game, so it builds your mental strength and your ability to think fast and strategically.

Boat Ride
Depending on what country you end up in when you go on your solo travels, you could go on a beautiful boat ride. It’s your chance to see the world from an oceans view and take in the serenity of the ocean’s waves. Do a little research to find out what tourist activities you can participate in your destination. Don’t forget to take your camera along so that you can capture images and videos of the unforgettable views you’re likely to see.

There are a number of sports that you can do while on a solo travel which can help you remain energized and fit in between all the eating you’re likely to be doing. These include cycling, ball sports such as beach football, volleyball, water polo, basketball, and tennis. By engaging in such activities, you can keep busy and also possibly meet other people and make friends in the process. Sports are often a common interest amongst people, so it could definitely be an ice-breaker for yourself and the many people you may meet.

Sometimes, you have to do thing such as traveling alone if other people aren’t willing or able to accompany you. Although it may seem scary, by being brave and becoming a solo traveler, you’ll be able to visit places you’ve only dreamed of going to in your lifetime without having to wait on other people to do so. As the saying goes, life is short, and it is definitely too short not to travel.

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