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Friday, January 5, 2018

4 Tips for Traveling Even When You are Broke

The world is full of beautiful places to see and explore. Unfortunately, traveling is not cheap! Sure, traveling to and staying in some locations are cheaper than others, but none of them are free and if you really want to travel the world, you will need some serious cash. On that note, here are five tips for travelers who are not exactly rolling in money but who want to explore life and everything it has to offer anyway.

Find a Job at Your Location

A lot of people don’t know about it, but there’s an actual term for this, and it’s called voluntourism. It’s the practice of traveling to a place of your choice and helping the local population by working for and with them in return for food, lodging, and other needs. The jobs in question differ depending on factors such as the tourist’s expertise and which sector needs help at that time. Nevertheless, common work done by voluntourists include teaching English, doing construction work, working with local and social welfare communities, etc.

Get a Loan

If your financial status is only down temporarily and you have confidence that it will pick up soon, just take a car title loan to arrange the money you need right now for the trip. Plano title loans by Clausell are offered without a credit check, and as long as you have a working vehicle, the loan will be approved in minutes. Loans do need to be paid back, but small installments at an affordable interest rate are a lot better than spending a large amount of money at once on a single trip.

Choose a Career that Involves Traveling

This tip is directed more towards students and the younger generations who want to travel but who do not have the means to do so yet. There is no better way to travel around the world without having to worry about your job or money. Careers perfect for those with a wanderlust include the following as mentioned.
  • Au pair
  • Crew on a cruise ship
  • ESL teacher
  • Diving instructor
  • Flight attendant
  • Foreign service
  • International aid
  • Peace Corps volunteer
  • Travel agent
  • Travel blogger or food blogger
  • Photographer
  • Traveling medic
The list is much longer of course, but this should give you an idea of the fact that there is no shortage of options to work as a traveler if you are still young enough to choose or change careers.

Use Airbnb

As long as you have a well-maintained apartment or property, you could be using Airbnb to fund your trips. When you register with the site and put your property out for rent, chances are that you will be getting back most of the money that you spend on your trip. To get the best out of this clever little plan, be sure to do the following.
  • Plan your trip around the time when it’s tourist season for the area where you live to get the highest rent rates
  • If you go to a country or region with cheaper accommodations and traveling costs than where you stay, you could even be making a profit
  • Make sure that you clearly mention when you will be leaving and when you plan to come back
  • Make sure that your property is as hospitable and friendly as possible before leaving
Travel and tourism might have become a multi-billion dollar business, but the soul of traveling itself isn’t dead yet, and that’s why you can still travel without spending a fortune if you really want to. Not everything mentioned above will apply to everyone, but as long as you find one that does, you will see and explore like you always wanted to.

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  1. Wow lots of ideas here, you feel tempted to be foot loose and fancy free. I see some blogs where people do this. I should think about this, as I don't have the money to travel.