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Friday, November 10, 2017

PAX East Tickets Now on Sale

PAX East is coming to Boston April 5th to 8th and tickets are now on sale. In fact, Saturday only tickets are already sold out. And yes, the event is now four days. Not familiar with PAX? It is a gaming conference put on by the Penny Arcade website. All kinds of games from tabletop to mobile to gaming console to laptop/desktop to virtual reality. They hold conferences around the world including Boston in the spring (aka PAX East) and Seattle in the late summer (aka PAX West). Australia has PAX AUS in the fall and Texas hosts PAX South in the winter. PAX Unplugged is a recent addition which is coming to Philadelphia next week. That one is all about tabletop gaming. People come from all around the world for these things and they are packed. These are different than the Comic Con conferences but people do dress up here, too.

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