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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Outdoor Life with OtterBox Outdoor Gear

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.
Have you ever had an OtterBox phone case? They're well know for being rugged and helping your phone survive many unhappy mishaps. Not only do they make phone cases, though. They also offer a whole suite of outdoor goodies, starting with their Venture line of ultra bear-proof coolers (with optional locking kit). No.... I didn't find a bear to test it. However, being New England in the fall, there are plenty of witches and Patriots.
Tailgating is big this time of year in New England. Boating is also popular, but most people have their boats out of the water this time of year here. Go south, and you're probably still fishing and whatnot on the water. If you're into outdoor activities, you might even go camping. For all these activities, you need a good cooler. The Venture 45-Quart Cooler from OtterBox helps you make the outdoors your own. It is big enough for you to bring everything you need with you and offers a ton of options to help you have an enjoyable time.
Outside the unit, you have eight places to attach extras like the bottle opener and dry box. Inside the unit, you have the option of a cutting board, separator, and dry storage tray, all extras. Easily bring everything—and the kitchen sink. Side tables, cutting boards, and more. And, there is always that locking kit if you're planning on running across that bear. Make the outdoors yours with OtterBox Venture Cooler Accessories.
OtterBox also offers a 20 ounce tumbler with a combination of its own options, including silicone sleeve and shaker lid. Great for those looking to get the most out of tailgating or your own outdoor activities. Pack along the OtterBox Shaker Lid, your Elevation 20 and your favorite martini recipe makings to shake up a fine sipping beverage.
My favorite of all the options is that dry box. Keep your keys and phone inside and they won't get wet. Optionally, you can attach it to the front of the unit, too. Stash, stow and beat the living daylights out of it. Your stuff stays dry and secure.
One option that is available for the cooler is a Double Cup Holder. It fits all Venture coolers; holds 2 Elevation tumblers, 2 red cups, 2 bottles, 2 cans or a combo of your choice; slate gray finish. I had one problem with it though. I couldn't get it attached to one of the eight attachment connectors. I think the attachment hooks on the back of the holder were just bent a little too far in, but I did have that problem. I'd recommend trying yours out in store before getting to ensure a fit.

If you do get an OtterBox Venture 45-quart cooler at Best Buy, one last comment about it... the sucker is heavy when fully loaded. You'll need at least two people to carry it when full of ice and other goodies.
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  1. I hear these are really nice and that they keep your items cold and are very strong so if your drop it its not going to break on you.

  2. That OtterBox looks cool and heavy-duty!

  3. I like Otterbox they have great products