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Monday, September 25, 2017

Know Your Cakes Before Gifting It

Flour, sugar, egg (sometimes no egg), butter, milk are the prime ingredients of making a cake along with desired flavors. One can classify cakes based on flavors, shape, and texture. The variety of cakes are huge and during occasions like birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, etc. cakes are brought in a home or sent to friends and relatives. Many cake shops have cropped up in the past few years, and you can even get a same day cake delivery in London through the online shops.

Cake is one of those food items where people don’t get tired with experiments. Here are some cake types which are popular and you have been eating since a long time. Know the details of making these cakes to enjoy every bite of the cake.

Angel Cakes:
The name itself suggests that a great taste is waiting for you. This angel cake is soft, light, and spongy. The softness is so intense that it is referred to as the food for angels and that’s why such a name is kept. The health freak people can also have this cake as it is devoid of any fat. It makes use of softer wheat which conveys the extreme lightweight and softness to this cake. Angel Cake has one more unique property, and that is – it uses only the egg whites. Enjoy this melt-in-mouth cake type in your upcoming occasion by ordering cakes online in London UK.

Butter or Oil Cakes:
Cream cake is another name of this cake which is prepared with a generous amount of butter or vegetable or refined oil, or margarine. The amount of butter or oil is the reason behind the extreme moistness and tenderness. In the first round, butter and powdered sugar are beaten together and then other dry or fluid ingredients follow. The lightness and softness of this cake type makes it people’s favorite.

Pound Cake:
The history of this cake says that originally one pound each of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar were used to make this cake. Maybe that’s the reason behind this name. As all the ingredients are of equal amount, the cake becomes tender yet denser in texture. Some amount of glaze or icing is used for the final presentation. If you want to keep a cake for a longer time, this is the perfect variety you must buy.

Chiffon Cake:
Chiffon is actually lightweight fabric known for its magical shine and beautiful appearance.  The chiffon cake has similar features like oil cake and sponge cake and came into our world in the year 1927. This lovely cake is prepared in a way different than most cakes. Here, the egg whites and yolks are separated first and are whisked separately. Oil is used as the ultra-softening agent. This separate whisking of egg white and yolks offer the extreme lightweight and fluffiness to this cake.

Dacquoise Cake:
It is a magical cake type which you can easily get in the best cake shops in London and add more happiness to life. This cake is made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream. The batter made for this cake contains powdered almond, castor sugar, egg white, cream of tartar. The cream filling is made with dried apricots, sugar, lemon zest, water, and double cream. The first meringue round is topped with this filling cream while the second meringue round is placed over it. Finally, some icing sugar is dusted at the top and whipped cream is used to decorate it.

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