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Friday, September 15, 2017

3 Ways That Hiring a Local Web Developer Will Save Your Business Money

With the wide coverage and blazing speeds of modern-day internet, it is now possible to establish a seamless connection with people even from the other side of the globe. Businesses have also found an effective way to promote their brand and extend their reach through the power of the internet. Not only does the internet help them in a marketing perspective, but it can also serve as a medium to outsource tasks to professionals located overseas.

Outsourcing is a growing trend among online businesses especially those that are based in countries with steep wage rates. Although there are many online tasks that you can outsource abroad, web development for your site is still better done by experts in your local area. Later on, you will realize that hiring a local web developer can actually save you money. This article will share three ways that hiring a local web developer will help your business save a lot of money. Contact your trusted local web developer and start building your website now.

1. Higher Quality and Fewer Errors
A local web developer is more likely to understand the culture and the target market of your business in contrast to a foreign one. It will also be quicker for you to check the portfolio of those who practice their specialization in your country. You may also ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues for referrals on reliable and experienced web developers in your area.

Aside from avoiding cultural and language barriers, hiring an excellent local web developer will also ensure you of high-quality and error-free work. It will also be easier for you to report bugs and have them fixed as soon as possible. Having an excellent website for a great value would mean great savings to your business.

2. Adjust the Workforce
Most websites require up to six web developers on startup (up to the first 12 months) to build a site, offer support, complete requests, and fix bugs. And after that, you will only need one or two web developers to apply minor updates and maintain your site. Collaboration is also a major part of web development. But unfortunately, not all cultures understand the collaborative concept. There may be issues related to the delegation of work when you outsource your web development needs. With a local web development agency, it will be a lot easier for you to negotiate and adjust the workforce accordingly. By paying only for what you need based on a definite timeline, you can save up huge in the long run.

3. Complete Tasks Faster
One clear advantage of hiring a local web developer is having a good line of communication. It will not be difficult for you to contact them whenever you need to as you share a similar time zone, more or less. Outsourcing work abroad may also involve issues such as poor internet and power reliability, more paid holidays in countries with a lot of festivals, and the unpredictable socio-political climate. Going local is definitely the better option from a logistical point of view. And of course, the faster the project can be completed, the more savings that you can get.

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