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Friday, July 28, 2017

Get Price Drop Alerts with Price!pinx

For many, it is still early to think about Christmas shopping. With all the Christmas in July sales these days, it is hard to get away from shops getting us in the holiday spirit. With that said, it is never to early to plan more for the season, or just be better prepared with your current shopping needs. Introducing Price!pinx to help you along.
Price!pinx is what you might call a price drop alert service. You tell it what products you're specifically interested in and the system behind Price!pinx monitors sites for price chances. When the prices drops, an alert will be triggered, causing you to be notified of the change in pricing. It is that simple. It can monitor pretty much any online retail website, or so it claims.

One additional usage of the site beyond just getting you buying something at a lower price is to help you monitor the pricing AFTER you purchase. Many companies will refund you money if the price drops soon after you purchase. You can check out many price guarantees that Price!pinx put together so you know for how long you need to monitor the price of purchase. For me, I might be visiting Staples this weekend as soon after I bought some printer ink, the price went on sale there.
As Christmas gets closer, you can setup some alerts and figure out at what price point you should probably be buying that gift for me. 

Very helpful for saving you money.

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